The Boat House in Port Moody, Yummy

Tonight was my cousin Marisa’s birthday she turned 40 years old.  We went out to the Boat House in Port Moody which was pretty cool. Overlooking the Burrard Inlet and with tons of windows to provide natural light. I think I’ve been to most of the Boat House restaurants in the Vancouver area. Anyways I snapped a bunch of pics cause that is the cool thing to do if you have a blog, just ask John Chow, or this girl. The first pic is a mad closeup of Andre (cousins husband), haha. He looks damn creepy in that picture, that’s for sure.

Closeup of the oyster bar….

crusty lady on the right, ugh..

view of Burrard Inlet

snapping a photo of a guy with a camera…

My Ceaser salad

Not sure what this is, one of my cousins ordered it..

My halibut and chips meal…

Fish cakes

seafood pasta-  shrimp and  mussels…

Lobster and steak dinner

Shrimp covered in??

Looking at the photos makes me hungry again, mmmmmmmmm.

It’s 11:12 pm on a Saturday night, time to go chill and watch “The Spirit” movie. We just finished watching “Yes Man”, with James Carry and that was pretty funny, now my lady is in bed so I can watch this movie since it’s not her type of thing to watch. How many girls like watching comic characters (Hulk, Iron Man etc…) on the big screen? Not my wifey anways…


2 thoughts on “The Boat House in Port Moody, Yummy

  1. Alan

    Probably one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting. The worst food, bad service and extremely noisy. And you really took pictures of that stuff? Yuck!

  2. CV Post author

    It was really that bad for you? I enjoyed myself there, the food was good and service was fine. Sometimes if you get the wrong server, then all goes to hell… OH well, lots more restaurants in Vancouver..

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