That Crazy VW Bug On Robson Street

What does Robson Street and a wacked out Volkswagen bug have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, considering Robson has some of the most expensive shops in Vancouver on them. Robson Street is home to the VW (pictured below) and it parks alongside all types of  luxury vehicles, from Land Rovers, Mercedes and BWM’s. This bug has been on Robson for at least the last 5 years probably way longer.


I actually talked to the owner about the car and he has like 5,000 hours of “work” into. He basically has glued anything he feels will add something to the car. He parks the VW on Robson Street and Thurlow Street and sits outside the Starbucks and watches people looking at his moving artwork. He doesn’t drive it much he says it more of a show piece.

I’m not sure what to make of it, I mean it looks cool and an eyesore at the same time. But overall it adds some personality to a street that is materialism at it’s best. The car is actually promoting a religious message, you can grab a pamphlet on the passenger side door. Don’t ask me what religion it is, I don’t recall. He also takes donations on the passenger door…

“I Am Eh”

tons of little figurines glued to the outside of the VW bug…

inside on the VW, complete with waterfall (middle).

the crazy console inside the old school VW bug

more figurines..

closeup of the hood…

creeepy looking hands look like they are drowning…

closeup of the hood…

Most days the VW can been seen at the corner of Robson Street And Thurlow Street in Vancouver…


3 thoughts on “That Crazy VW Bug On Robson Street

  1. samantha

    I love this beetle it was one of the first things I noticed about vancouver! It was so intense! I agree about being cool and an eyesore…:S

  2. alish

    i love vancouver!! and this car is a part of it, and a big one…….i used to see this car everyday…..while having breakfast in STARBUCKS

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