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That Crazy VW Bug On Robson Street

What does Robson Street and a wacked out Volkswagen bug have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, considering Robson has some of the most expensive shops in Vancouver on them. Robson Street is home to the VW (pictured below) and it parks alongside all types of  luxury vehicles, from Land Rovers, Mercedes and BWM’s. This bug has been on Robson for at least the last 5 years probably way longer.


I actually talked to the owner about the car and he has like 5,000 hours of “work” into. He basically has glued anything he feels will add something to the car. He parks the VW on Robson Street and Thurlow Street and sits outside the Starbucks and watches people looking at his moving artwork. He doesn’t drive it much he says it more of a show piece.

I’m not sure what to make of it, I mean it looks cool and an eyesore at the same time. But overall it adds some personality to a street that is materialism at it’s best. The car is actually promoting a religious message, you can grab a pamphlet on the passenger side door. Don’t ask me what religion it is, I don’t recall. He also takes donations on the passenger door…

“I Am Eh”

tons of little figurines glued to the outside of the VW bug…

inside on the VW, complete with waterfall (middle).

the crazy console inside the old school VW bug

more figurines..

closeup of the hood…

creeepy looking hands look like they are drowning…

closeup of the hood…

Most days the VW can been seen at the corner of Robson Street And Thurlow Street in Vancouver…


From Robson To Granville & Back

Today was probably the best day  for weather in Vancouver in the last 2 months, seriously.  It was a bit chilly outside but at least there was no fog, no snow on the roads and it was sunny. It was a great day to get out and wifey and I did just that, we drove downtown and walked Robson to Granville and back. First we stopped at Tim Horton’s to get  a hot beverage, as usual I grabbed a medium sized double double, yum yum. From there we walked to Robson Street where wifey stopped by Aritzia, and yes she bought some stuff. We then walked down to Granville Street, to the Puma shop and back to the truck.

My cell phone rings and it’s Rob, wanting to mee for a cafe. Twenty minutes later we are at  Calabria Bar on Commercial Drive, having a caffe mocha.  We chilled there for maybe an hour or so and then went to my mother in laws for the weekly Italian Sunday dinner. After that I played  landlord (Mr. Roper) interviewing possible tenants (possible deadbeats?) for my Poco condo.  I also stopped and checked out my Burnaby condo that I got possession of on Friday evening. Hopefully the Port Coquitlam condo loft will be rented by tomorrow evening (cross fingers), we will see. After that is set, then I should be able to layoff the landlord duties for a little bit. Until I buy the next one, lol.

And that folks was my Sunday, a little bit of this and a little bit of that…


took a picture of a guy taking a picture


Robson Street


Aritzia Robson Street


Robson Street – dude holdign his kid


Grandma walking on Robson Street


Driving  by GM Place on Dunsmuir Bridge downtown Vancouver


Puma show at Puma store on Granville Street


Puma store on Granville Street


View from my bedroom at night

Working From Home – The Dark Side Of It

[ad#ad-1]It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you put your mind to it, and you’re left alone to do it. I feel like I accomplished some good work today, not something I usually feel I have done. Working at home with a wife AND 2 kids closeby is a challenge to say the least. Then on top of it you have the nonna and nonno calling every morning to see how the grand children are doing , lol. Running a $600,000 business from home is strange. Everyone thinks you make enough just to “get by”, so I guess they don’t your business too seriously so they feel it’s ok to interrupt you when they need to. If I rented a big office in downtown Vancouver, then I would look like a success I’m sure , haha. It’s funny how appearance is everything. If people know you’re at home they figure you must not be doing very good.

I have always said the fastest way to make more money is to save more money. Why bother paying rent if you don’t have to, seems really stupid to throw $3,000 a month just to play the part of a high roller. People who act like high rollers usually aren’t rolling in anything, except the bus. This is the reason I don’t rent office space, waste of money and very unnecessary. That being said I need to find more quiet surroundings to work from.

Some of the spots I have thought of to use as my office space include the public library, backyard patio (maybe still too close to home), various coffee shops, parent’s basement (doubt that would work well), or B.C.I.T in Burnaby. Hell, I could even work from my Caddy if I needed to, pull up to some random house on a residential street and use their internet access. I was even thinking of working from my garage, good enough for me. I will have to figure out a solution, cause it’s driving me a bit nutso.

Its tough I want to be home but it’s hard to focus, when you have little Stefania (my daughter) sitting on my lap as I make Google ads, and wanting to watch Tree House.

Does anyone have any suggestions where would be a good place to work from that has free wireless internet access? Leave a comment I would love to know!


Robson Steet/ Thurlow Avenue, downtown Vancouver

random photo: taken on Robson Street downtown Vancouver on May, 8 roughly 8 pm