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From Robson To Granville & Back

Today was probably the best day  for weather in Vancouver in the last 2 months, seriously.  It was a bit chilly outside but at least there was no fog, no snow on the roads and it was sunny. It was a great day to get out and wifey and I did just that, we drove downtown and walked Robson to Granville and back. First we stopped at Tim Horton’s to get  a hot beverage, as usual I grabbed a medium sized double double, yum yum. From there we walked to Robson Street where wifey stopped by Aritzia, and yes she bought some stuff. We then walked down to Granville Street, to the Puma shop and back to the truck.

My cell phone rings and it’s Rob, wanting to mee for a cafe. Twenty minutes later we are at  Calabria Bar on Commercial Drive, having a caffe mocha.  We chilled there for maybe an hour or so and then went to my mother in laws for the weekly Italian Sunday dinner. After that I played  landlord (Mr. Roper) interviewing possible tenants (possible deadbeats?) for my Poco condo.  I also stopped and checked out my Burnaby condo that I got possession of on Friday evening. Hopefully the Port Coquitlam condo loft will be rented by tomorrow evening (cross fingers), we will see. After that is set, then I should be able to layoff the landlord duties for a little bit. Until I buy the next one, lol.

And that folks was my Sunday, a little bit of this and a little bit of that…


took a picture of a guy taking a picture


Robson Street


Aritzia Robson Street


Robson Street – dude holdign his kid


Grandma walking on Robson Street


Driving  by GM Place on Dunsmuir Bridge downtown Vancouver


Puma show at Puma store on Granville Street


Puma store on Granville Street


View from my bedroom at night