Miniature Railway & Tim Hortons Employees

First off Happy Easter (whatever that means). ..

Even though the weather was hell yesterday we still managed to get out and enjoy ourselves a bit. If you don’t go out in the rain in Vancouver, then you would probably never leave your house ever! Sooo sad but very true, life on the wet coast…

I snapped a bunch of photos at the miniature railway in Confederation Park in North Burnaby. Those trains are electric I believe and some are steam locomotives, like the one pictured above. It’s funny to see all these old retired dudes wearing conductors uniforms and railroad hats and clothing. I guess it takes them back to their childhood something. The place is insane, I should have taken more photos of the work shed that was full, of all types of train locomotives and engines. Pretty cool stuff, but I’m kinda a train buff you could say, so I like this kind of dorky stuff. It’s like $2 per ticket to ride the train and the ride is probably about 10-15 minutes long.

CP RailĀ  locomotive, this one is pretty sleek looking…

BC Rail locomotive

CP Rail steam locomotive

CP Rail steam locomotive

I always enjoy taking photos of people not expecting it, it’s leads to some dirty looks and funny facial expressions. I went to get my Tim Hortons coffee and had my Canon sd 750 so I had to snap this lady looking all crusty.

“Always fresh at Tim Hortons…”

My brother drinking milk, no comment….

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