Vlogging To Fun & More Financial Freedom

So I’m basically retired. But being retired is boring, so I want to start vlogging. I have always liked the idea of creating videos and I have made 1000s of videos. But the videos I have created were to sell digital products, but vlogging is different, it’s more personal.  I love being creative and I know vlogging is perfect for me but…

I need a vision for my Youtube channel. I want something that generates consistent traffic & money for years to come. I have the talent to edit videos but I need the focus to move in the right direction. I had a video camera way back in the early 2000s but I never did too much with it. I knew for a fact that video was going to blow up on the internet. Take into account that this was back in the early 2000s way, way, way before Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. I was online before all of that stuff was even a thought in peoples minds. I was using a few Canon PowerShot cameras but I never got into vlogging or even thought about it until now. But I did use Youtube to make a killing online but not through vlogs or videos with me in it. I was focused on selling digital products.  Now however I have the desire to create vlog type content not only for fun but also to make money. I know I can 100% do it but I don’t know the direction I want to take that I think will work. It’s been bugging me for a few months.  I’m not sure if I am just over thinking the whole thing or what, it’s weird.

There is soo much technology around video editing, filming and a ton of cameras it’s incredible noawadays. I knew video would be big but in the early 2000s online video download speeds were very slowly. Internet speeds sucked so the technology to stream videos online wasn’t there. I did capitalize on video speeds when Youtube came out but not for vlogs. Now in 2024 at 53 years of age I kinda feel like I’m going backwards doing something that younger generations are doing. That’s ok because I go with what I want to do, not with what the “norm” is. Following the normal way to do things I would have never made a 21+ year living working online while everyone else thought “making money online was a scam” LOL ?. I can do anything, I beleive that and I know that.

So what the f*ck is the point of this blog post? I need guidance on what steps I need to take to catapult myself with my video creation and vlogging. I have the DJI Pocket 2, I have CapCut video editing software (amongst others), All I need is a vision of what to do. The Nike slogan is “Just Do It”, but just do what? I CAN “do it”, but I need to find the “it” to “do”.

What I Want:

  1. I want to find a stable vlogging niche that is profitable and fun, as well as creative to do.
  2. I want the motivation to create 2 videos per week.
  3. I want to easily gain thousands of subscribers in a short period of time.

Can this be done? Yes of course it can be done and I can do it! The magic of writing down my goals has worked for me in the past, and will work for me in this situation and in the future. Do your magic Law Of Attraction and make this dream a reality. I have achieved all my goals and dreams, this time video creation, vlogging and making a minimum of $3000 per month (to start) is the goal I want to achieve!


Dream BIG & The Law Of Attraction WILL Make It Happen For You & For Me

It’s a big question, but also a simple, one sort of. What do you want? What do you want in your personal life? If you sit there and really, really think about it it’s not actually that simple for some reason. Or is it? Are we, am I just complicating things? I’ve reached all my goals, I have all the money I need but sometimes I’m still not happy. So what do I want in my life? I want to be happy. Happiness is different from everyone’s perspective. What makes one person happy, is not going to necessarily make another person happy. Happiness is based on you, yourself. Only you know what makes you happy.?

So when you write down your goals you need to know what will make YOU happy. Is money going to make you happy? Maybe. Maybe not. The problem with me is that I’m too hard on myself. I hold onto things that I should just wash away like the flush of a toilet. Many times, always actually my mind is the one that leads to my unhappiness. Being happy is a state of mind. Being happy is your perception of your own life. Some people are happy and they have absolutely nothing, some people are unhappy and they have absolutely everything. For you to reach any kind of goal you need to know what will make you happy. What is it that you really, truly want in your own life. One of the first goals I set was to make $100 per day online which took me 12 months to achieve and from that day forward I knew I was going to be financially free. But as with all things once you get used to making a certain amount of money the novelty wears off. So you need to increase your goals, it’s the best way to keep the fire burning inside of you.

Anticipation always ignites a fire inside of you. When anticipating going on a vacation, the lead-up to the vacation, the thoughts and images you have in your mind of you going on that vacation are usually much bigger and grander than when you’re actually on the vacation. The best way to fight unhappiness is to always have big goals to reach for. This keeps you motivated, this keeps you focussed and this keeps you in check with what you want in your life. Once you achieve your goal, immediately make a new one so you’re always focussed on the positive and focussed in the right direction not the negative direction.

Shifting YOUR paradigm is essential if you want to have true happiness in your life. You need to be bettering yourself every single day forever. Always move forward. Keep the negative voices out of your mind, they do absolutely nothing beneficial for you. Stop the useless chatter that disrupts the power of positive thinking.

 So what the fuck do I want in my life? I made more than enough money to retire at this point, I have my dream house, I have a secondary vacation home in Las Vegas I have a great family. So what next? What’s next that can keep me focussed in the positive direction that I need to stay in in order for me to be happy? More money? Money is just an indicator that keeps you in check. Just having money for the sake of having money in my opinion only benefits to a certain degree.

 Every morning I usually do some form of exercise, if that’s going for a 45 minute walk around the neighbourhood, going to my gym and using the exercise bike for 20 minutes or lifting weights which I do three times per week.

During those early morning walks I’m usually listening to various inspirational videos on YouTube from people such as Bob Proctor. This I found has been very helpful in keeping me pointed in the right direction. It’s so easy to forget how you got to where you are. It’s easy just to go back into your old routine and forget how much you’ve actually achieved. Less than 1% of the population has come close to what I’ve done in a 20 year span. Keeping myself in check watching inspirational videos on the Law of Attraction, goal-setting Etc is very important.

This morning I was listening to Bob and he says that you need a goal so big that when you achieve it you will be astonished. He says there’s really no point setting goals that you know you can achieve because you’re not really bettering you. In order to get maximum results you need to think as big as possible. I don’t want to retire, for me it  not the right choice. I enjoy working from home, I enjoy working with myself from my home office.

My goal is to achieve $5,000 us per day at least for the next three years if not more, let’s make it five years. My goal is to make $5,000 us profit per day every single day for the next 5 years. I put that intention into the universe and I expect to receive it before the end of 2019

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If you get this error on your blog: Fatal error: Call to undefined method _WP_Editors::enqueue_default_editor it’s because you’re using a plug-in called CKEditor.  That’s exactly the problem I had and all I did was disabled the plug-in and then I was able to edit my themes, upload a header image excetera. All the problems went away as soon as I disabled the CKEditor plugin.

18 Years Of Success & Many More To Come & New 2019 Fall Goals That I Will Be Reaching

18 Years Later I'm Still Kicking A$$ Working Online

Here I am 18 years later! I haven't posted on this blog regarding goals for 8 years, amazing. But the time has come for me to once again brush off the cobwebs, clean the dust off this blog and polish up my ever so loved MotionGroove.com. I registered this website in 2001, 17 years ago! This website  has been around longer than my kids have. I forgot about this site, as new technologies took form such as Facebook, Instagram Etc I stopped posting here and instead uploaded photographs onto my Facebook page and my Instagram page.

 But I'm back here with a specific GOAL in mind (no pun intended LOL). Motion Groove will be used for me as it once was to list my achievements and write down my goals. One of the main reasons I was able to skyrocket my wealth and my quality of life I believe was because I was writing down my goals which then held me accountable not only to myself but to the world (though very few people ever read this blog LOL, except Rob).

 Originally this website was for my web development agency which consisted of only me. But I got tired of dealing with clients very quickly and from there I started working online doing internet marketing. Many years have passed since I've even talked about that subject on this blog or pretty much anywhere. Many things have changed online. Many of the guru's I used to look up to are either gone or not in the limelight any longer. It's been almost a decade but I am still here stronger than ever. Although I have had some setbacks those are small in comparison to what other people have to deal with working regular nine-to-five jobs (IMHO).

 I've been using YouTube as well as many other social media outlets to catapult my income to the next level in the last six years. But, as we all know things are constantly evolving and changing especially in the online space. What works today to market your product doesn't necessarily work tomorrow. That's good and bad. There's always new opportunities when old ones close but it's frustrating when you find something that's working and then you need to reinvent yourself again. If you read through previous goal reaching posts you will see that this has happened many, many times. I'm definitely not complaining but it's a learning curve to deal with constant changes. And here we are 9 years later once again. I'm ready for the next level, however it presents itself, wherever it presents itself I am here ready for the challenge.

The millions of dollars of income I have been able to make has blown me away. But of course eventually you get used to whatever your seeing on a daily basis. If you're making $100 a day, you will adjust and get used to spending and staying within that parameter. If you're making $4,000 per day you will adjust and get used to that as well. Humans are very fluid creatures, they are masters at adapting to their environment.

Enough of the rambling I would like to get into specific goals that I want to achieve by specific dates. This is all part of the process that is known as the law of attraction. What you release into the universe comes back to you. If you think positive thoughts, positivity will come your way. Whatever you focus on expands, so focus on what you want not what you don't want. If you want to make $1000000 a year a $1000000 will come your way on a yearly basis. It might sound crazy, it may be hard to believe and many times I don't believe it but the proof is in the pudding. I'm living proof that this does work. I used to make $1,000 every two weeks (when I was a carpenter in the 1990s) BUT for many years I've been making $3,000 usd per day, which is the equivalent of $4000 Canadian dollars EVERY FUCKING DAY. So I have been making two months wages every single day for many years! INCREDIBLE RIGHT!

Specific Goalsyes

  •  I want to achieve $2,000 USD per day by October 14, 2019. This goal is $2,000 us profit per day online. I want this to be an ongoing income stream that last for many, many years to come.yes
  • I want to purchase real estate that will make me an income stream of $10,000 per month.
  •  I want to get down to 175 lb, with a six-pack showing, with big biceps and triceps, as well as a big back by October 14, 2019.
  • Also part of my goals includes watching more videos about positive thinking, law of attraction, goal setting, making money online and offline, real estate, and working out.

  At the present time I'm in a little bit of a slump and that's why I'm posting again. Although to the novice this might sound ridiculous about posting about your income goals on a website in my opinion it works because I know what I was able to achieve by writing down my goal. Writing down my goals gives me clarity, gave me a vision and it held me accountable every single day. I'm the kind of person that if I say going to do something I feel that I have to do it. It doesn't matter if I say I'm going to meet you for coffee and I don't feel like it, I still will go. If I want to lose weight and I don't feel like going to the gym that day in the back of my mind I can't let myself down so I have to go to the gym. I've always been this way and that's one of the reasons I feel that I was able to to achieve such great success.

 At the present time I'm trying to bring up my income I feel that I've tried many different avenues that I thought would work but haven't. But things are changing and I know that things are going to escalate very quickly. It's hard to deal with negative situations, but the best thing you can do is take a deep breath sit down and just think. Negative thinking is very detrimental not only physically, not only mentally but also financially. The quicker you can use your mind in a positive manner to bounce back the quicker you will bounce back.

 In my life I have absolutely nothing to complain about but just like every human being we all want more. This is just human nature there's nothing wrong with it. That's what helped us to develop the world we live in. If we were satisfied with our surroundings we would still be living in caves using sticks to create fire. laugh

 I'm not 100% certain how I'm going to reach my $2000 US dollar per day goal because certain things have changed with how I was making money online before. But that hasn't stopped me before and it won't stop me again. Things always change and it's my duty to change with them, turning a supposed negative situation into a very positive one.

 My goal then over a one-year outlook would be $720,000 USD profit. I will however reevaluate this goal as soon as I hit $60,000 a month which should be by November 14th 2019. From there I will increase what I want to make on a daily basis to $3,000 us per day in profit.

 Let the Good Times begin, let the creativity flow let the money roll in like a waterfall that never, ever, ever stops!

Thankyou God.yes