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I feel like I have a few minutes to spare since the library down the street I work  from opens at 10 am and it’s only 9:10 right now.  Why pay for office space when you can use a library, seriously. Besides the April Fools prank that Mother Nature played on Vancouver yesterday will the retarded snow falling on my street, things have been pretty good.

It doesn’t really feel like April out there but what the hell are you going to do right? I have been what I am usually doing trying to make my NEXT million. That being said I felt I needed a little break and treated myself to putting up a blog post (oooooh).  Yes I am an over achiever. In school I sucked b*lls, because who really wants to learn about Canada’s history right? Well I can tell you from personal experience no 12 year old kid in Canada wants to focus on history or school for that matter. I wasn’t much of a scholar and passed with C’s, nothing more, nothing less.   Probably like many of you guys, right boys?  Don’t worry cause we all find our “true calling” one way or another.

Some friends  have asked how I make money online and while I don’t like to reveal my strategies because it has taken me years to refine them and it takes an amazing amount of work to achieve success in this business and stay afloat. One thing I could put out there are the blogs that I visit on a daily basis  to learn some new tricks and tips.  I want to stress to all my friends and others who read my blog that it is not nearly as easy as you think to make money online. You need a tons of skills to really make it happen.

Some skills you need to make money online:

  1. web design skills
  2. coding skills (html, php if possible)
  3. copy writing skills (write articles & web content)
  4. drive (the ability to work hard ALL THE TIME…)
  5. creativity (you need to think outside f the box, you really do)
  6. positive attitude (when the sh*t hits the fan you need to dig through it)

I’m not trying to discourage anyone I am just listing exactly what you need to make it the way I have been.  It’s not a cake walk by any means and reinventing yourself is all part of the game (can’t stand that part). Yes, you can set it and forget it but not for too long and definitely not for any long period of time. One thing you can count on when working online, things always change and they continue to do so. Google especially loves to make it tough for affiliate marketers (me), to make a buck. Don’t ask me why that is another story in itself.

My list of  “make money online” personal blogs, that I read personally:

  1. CDF Networks
  2. Uber Affiliate
  3. Jonathan Volk
  4. Nicky Cakes
  5. Shoe Money
  6. Cash Tactics –  Amazing archived blog posts, that have ton of useful info.

These guys usually update every few days. I suggest you read through all their archives to find out the real nuggets. It’s a ton of reading and yes I have read basically all of the posts on all of those sites, except  All the reading I missed in school I have made of for the last 5 years reading all this stuff online.

Ok enough said, this how I evolve with my business currently, you can read my “About” page to read it all. Time to roll it’s 9:54 am, ciao………


I added a few pics of some flowers, ooooh…

bumble bee working hard

worker in Punta Cana climbing up a coconut tree to get some coconuts…

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