Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick Making My Life Way Easier

I was getting sick and tired of going to the coffee shop or local libraries to use their sh*tty wireless internet connections. I guess you get what you pay for right? Well it was about time something came along to make my life easier. I’m not sure how I found about the Rogers Rocket Stick, but I am loving it.

What is the Rogers Rocket Stick?

The Rogers Rocket Stick will be the wi-fi hot spot killer that’s what buddy. With the Rocket Stick you get wireless internet ACROSS Canada. Are you drunk, no. Unreal right? The Rogers Rocket Stick looks like a USB flash drive, you put it into your USB connection on your lap top and you get wireless internet anywhere in Canada (works best in major Canadian cities). I can work anywhere now. I know this type of technology has been around for a bit but the Rocket Stick is only 2 months old.



Actually the price can rival any high speed internet you get at home from Shaw or Telus, but without any wires to worry about. I tried it out and it’s quick (download up to 7.2 Mbps), just as fast as high speed on their competitors.

The prices are based on how much data you download (see below), but you never pay over $100. So basically you can use as much as you want for $100 a month (ulimited internet). This service to me is a dream.


From Rogers:

“Mobile Internet Cost Protection”*. For the rare situations where you may use more than your bucket of data you can still rest easy knowing you will never be charged more than $100 a month in data charges thanks to Rogers Mobile Internet Cost Protection.”

Monthly Fee Data Included Additional Data Rate U.S. Data International Data

$25 500 MB 3¢ per MB $0.006 per KB $0.03 per KB

$30 1 GB 3¢ per MB

$60 3 GB 3¢ per MB

Here is the dealio:

You are locked into a 1 year plan (prices above), but the Rocket Stick is free of charge. Personally, this is soo worth it to me.  Vancouver is one big internet browser to me now, very cool. All I can think is how much more money I can make because I have web access with me all the time. Want more info on prices etc, then go here. I think this is going to blow up and kill of wireless internet cafes. The only thing web cafes have going for them is that you can plug in your laptop into the wall, that’s it.

The next step for me is to buy long lasting lap top batteries. Iwill then  have wings like a bird, freedom baby, freedom!



44 thoughts on “Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick Making My Life Way Easier

  1. HMOG

    OOoooh! Ahhhh! Mmmmm! Good call, good call, nice tip. Seriously could’ve used that (ok AND a laptop which I can’t believe I don’t own yet with the amt I use the puter) when on my 4 hour scenic tour of juan de fuca at Xmas going from Tsawwassen to Swartz to Pender Is. (*GROAN) Oy. (Nice the first half dozen times you go across then it just gets slow and painful like be driven around the ocean in a vw bus)

  2. CV Post author

    Yeah the Rogers Rocket Stick is soo awesome, the best investment I made in along time (besides the condos, lol). I really love it!

  3. CV Post author

    I heard the reception in outlying areas isn’t as good as if you are in large populated areas, basically like cell phones. Are you using the Rocket already?

  4. TheGman

    yes i am. i know where i live there is a cell tower within 10 km but that is something you should look into before getting the stick

  5. TheGman

    should be noted the stick is hard to get working if you are using Linux (Ubuntu specifically) like i am. it is possible but it is tricky

  6. CV Post author

    Ah, if you have a cell tower nearby then you are laughing, good stuff. So you have the Rocket already then?

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  8. veronicanagel

    i was wondering if the stick only eorks on lap tops and if so why.. i have usb ports in my pc…

  9. CV Post author

    I would assume that it should work with any laptop or desktop computer than has a USB port. Laptops just seem to make more sense with the Rogers Rocket Stick. Laptops should work, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. You can always contact Rogers and ask them directly.

  10. carrie

    hey i have a rogers stick i live in country where i cant get anything else. it works gr8 on my laptop and my desk top puter. Best thing ever i love it>!!!

  11. carrie

    has anyone heard of anyone stealing rogers mobile stick signal and using it to download, i would think that when someone steals a signal from someone its a rotor right? not my internet connection via rogers stick?

  12. chris

    Be care if you are thinking of replacing your present system with a stick. A family of three could end up paying $300 a month for services – the Rogers data rate is obscene.

  13. Dean

    You won’t pay more than 100.00 for unlimited..And you can router this out to other pc’s and wireless connection…works great in the boonies..

  14. CV Post author

    Yeah, I love it. I use it every day and it works awesome, I cannot say enough good things about this product. Vancouver is one BIG wireless connection to me now, truly awesome. I use it all over the place, amazing…

  15. JB

    I live out in the boonies too and so far so good. The Rocket works really well. Everyone around me has expensive satellite dishes. This is an affordable alternative.

    I too would like to know if the signal can be stolen. I am showing a strong signal but on occasion,sites wont load. If the signal can be stolen I would like to know how that can be remedied.

  16. Don Muegge

    I live 10 miles northwest of Walkerton, Ont. How close is the closest Rogers tower to me? I am wondering how strong the signal would be at my location. Thankyou. d.

  17. Cara

    I live in the booines, with only dial up internet available. I would love to get the rocket, but my friends has a cell phone with Rogers and doesn’t get service at my house. Does this mean the Rocket wouldn’t work for me??

  18. Char

    “”chris Says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 7:32 pm
    Be care if you are thinking of replacing your present system with a stick. A family of three could end up paying $300 a month for services – the Rogers data rate is obscene.””

    The most you’d ever get charged is $100. They set a cap at $100 – including your plan fee. The first 3 months you have unlimited. I live in the boonies too and LOVE this stick. It is much faster than i thought it would be, and it is much more reliable than satellite.

  19. Megan

    This is in response to Don Muegge: I live 10 miles northwest of Walkerton, Ont. How close is the closest Rogers tower to me? I am wondering how strong the signal would be at my location. Thankyou. d.”

    I live 5 km North of Hanover,Ont and there is a Rogers Tower on the 2dn concession so I have great reception on my Rogers Stick. You should be ok too, but use a Rogers cell phone to see what the signal is to help you make your decision.

  20. Jc

    I really don’t like their half-assed approach on the pricing system, the data usage price plan is basically the same plan for ppl using blackberry/iphones and other tiny handheld devices where a few hundred mg or 1 or 2 gb is more than enough. however, the purpose of this internet stick is to be used with a COMPUTER, if you download 2 movies and do some browing on a computer with this internet stick, you are looking at a minimum charge of $60~80 dollad a month, that’s not the price I want to pay for internet access. and if I want to keep both the stick and my home broadband, I am literally doubling my internet bill every month, which is also something that will prevent me from getting. if they want ppl to use the stick as a convinience in addition to the home internet they already got, then they need to dramatically lower the price. if they wish ppl will SWITCH from having home connection to the stick completely, then they need to do what cricket is doing and offer unlimited usage:

    at it’s current state I can’t imagine this roger internet stick being anything more than a chance for a smalle number of ppl living in the rural area a chance to get broadband, or as some kinda flavour of the month novelty item that ppl will try 2 months, then realize that their home internet is better at half the price, and cancel the internetstick service and never use it again

  21. stuart

    i ordered the rocket stick but it did not work where i live .It was right on the edge of the sevice area and my dial up was quicker

  22. snackerbass

    $100 dollars a month is a fucking scam…. even $50 is a scam… Rogers is a fucking scam

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  24. Traci Elliott

    using Rogers stick – ok on laptop but won’t unstall in desktop even though desktop has usb ports. Rogers said we can only use the stick on one computer in the house at a time- we have 3 so that leaves us with 3 sticks?

    or satellite – but it seems to me that it would be unreliable?

    our current internet service provider is xplornet – they have worked great for over a year and last week our area became unserviceable – it seems another company uses the same frequency and had caused us interference. the cuctomer service is less than helpful. Basically we change our e-mail address as we switch providers and start rebuilding the commmunication we need for our business to run from there.

    what do folks in the country do? Simple leaving a customer out in the cold on this issue is unacceptable and costs us money while we watch the contracted “antenae” guy walk around here with a sensor looking for a signal – it’s 2009 folks – anyone know who is getting internet to the farmers?…..

  25. Kai

    Fido Has the same thing, and you CAN use it with multiple computers, you just need a router that can take USB modems as it acts as a standard USB Hi-Speed modem.
    the software that installs is just to make it prettier and easier to use.
    Or, you can use window ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to share it across multiple computers, and this applies to ALL USB modems, not just Fido’s

    Confirmed as i work in a store and i’ve used it at times that our business internet went down, shared the 3G demo across to one of our POS machines with some WiFi AD-HOC with security on, and then shared THAT back across the local connection so even a debit machine worked with no landline active! took some semi-advanced messing around but it works. (1 laptop sharing, 2 desktops, a debit machine, and another laptop using)

  26. BTIT

    Hi Kai,
    Can you offer any more details regarding ICS with the rocket stick? I am currently going through the same scenario and would rather not reinvent the wheel.


  27. Doug

    What are the security issues, if any? It’s got to be safer than cell phones or it’s not safe enough.

  28. Al

    With all the new data relating brain cancer to use of cell phones what precautions should one take when using the stick?

  29. Art

    You must live in Eastern Canada or work for Rogers the Rocket shit, f$#@ed up my computer, which is not a lap top, even with tech support I couldn’t get anything, the 3rd time was unlucky, my computer shut down, and won’t turn on. And I am being billed by a company that can’t even get my address right to send me the bill, they phone and and keep repeating the wrong address. Bunch of free advertising..Some Rogers people say it wont work on a home computer and others say it will? sheesh

  30. CV Post author

    I live in Vancouver actually and I def do not work for Rogers Lol. Read the rest of my blog I am self employed…Sorry to hear about your problems with Rogers. I used the service while I was a way and ended up with a huge $740 bill that I disputed and got taken down to $300. I was too dumb to realize that you pay roaming charges for internet which cost me like I said $300. I don’t use Rogers very much anymore and they kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn’t completely their fault however, if feel I can just get a cell phone plan with internet and then hook up the cell phone to my laptop and get internet that way. The Rocket Stick isn’t really necessary if you have a cell phone with internet that you can hook up to your laptop to receive internet.

  31. Nick

    Hey I live out in the country and am thinking about getting this. I was wondering if there was a way for me to know for sure if it would work where I live without buying it? I know that rogers cell phones get good signal, but I don’t know if that makes a difference.

    Also, It has been said by people that you can share the internet with other computers. I am planning on routing it to my xbox 360 using an ethernet connection. Any confirmation on if this will work. And if it does, would it have a big effect on my data used (increasing the monthly rate)?


  32. Brent

    Roaming charges ?????
    I work from Vancouver to Toronto, that sucks for me. Also $100 a month is way to steep, if they want to corner the market they have to beat cable prices or don’t charge roaming charges.

  33. Yes

    Hey, i have the rogers stick. the fees may be quite ridiculous, however, the interenet is LIGHT speed. At least compared to my internet where I live, in Whitehorse Yukon. I use the rogers stick in BC. Thats my imput. however, I agree that the prices are a lot.

  34. Mike

    I have the stick and it works well with the desktop in the boonies. I was wondering how you can router this out to other computers as Dean mentioned in the comment on Feb 18/09.
    I could buy the “rocket Hub” router however is $400 without a contract and I hate long term contracts.
    If anyone knows how to router out please respond.

  35. Sean

    I live in the holland landing and use the MOFI router with the Rogers stick and it is 100% perfect.

    Finally I get high speeds and can do the same as others as I have an xbox and it also works great with the router router.

  36. Fred the Rog Rogers

    Nice design. Stands out like a dxck. Factor in a new usb port for your laptop after a month usage: $280! Why can’t they design these things with less china and more engineering in mind…

  37. Leanne

    I am looking to get the stick also – the price sucks and the data plans are so limited that I am not going to be able to do much but I am moving to a location that doesn’t have cable. I was told by Rogers and bell that the stick doesn’t work with a router – but I see from comments above that it just might?! Please tell me it’s true….if I can’t get my roommates hooked up on it – that would save my bank account!

  38. Nico


  39. Alex

    Is It possible to use this service in Cuba to be paid in Canada. ¿Could you give me more information about it?

  40. CV Post author

    You can’t use it in Cuba unless you pay HUGE data transfer fees since this is a Canadian internet service it’s only for use in Canada. If you used this is Cuba it would cost alot of money because of roaming charges. I used when I was in New York and didn’t realize about the roaming charges, I had to pay a $250 bill!! Don’t use it outside of Canada EVER…

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