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Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick Making My Life Way Easier

I was getting sick and tired of going to the coffee shop or local libraries to use their sh*tty wireless internet connections. I guess you get what you pay for right? Well it was about time something came along to make my life easier. I’m not sure how I found about the Rogers Rocket Stick, but I am loving it.

What is the Rogers Rocket Stick?

The Rogers Rocket Stick will be the wi-fi hot spot killer that’s what buddy. With the Rocket Stick you get wireless internet ACROSS Canada. Are you drunk, no. Unreal right? The Rogers Rocket Stick looks like a USB flash drive, you put it into your USB connection on your lap top and you get wireless internet anywhere in Canada (works best in major Canadian cities). I can work anywhere now. I know this type of technology has been around for a bit but the Rocket Stick is only 2 months old.



Actually the price can rival any high speed internet you get at home from Shaw or Telus, but without any wires to worry about. I tried it out and it’s quick (download up to 7.2 Mbps), just as fast as high speed on their competitors.

The prices are based on how much data you download (see below), but you never pay over $100. So basically you can use as much as you want for $100 a month (ulimited internet). This service to me is a dream.


From Rogers:

“Mobile Internet Cost Protection”*. For the rare situations where you may use more than your bucket of data you can still rest easy knowing you will never be charged more than $100 a month in data charges thanks to Rogers Mobile Internet Cost Protection.”

Monthly Fee Data Included Additional Data Rate U.S. Data International Data

$25 500 MB 3¢ per MB $0.006 per KB $0.03 per KB

$30 1 GB 3¢ per MB

$60 3 GB 3¢ per MB

Here is the dealio:

You are locked into a 1 year plan (prices above), but the Rocket Stick is free of charge. Personally, this is soo worth it to me.  Vancouver is one big internet browser to me now, very cool. All I can think is how much more money I can make because I have web access with me all the time. Want more info on prices etc, then go here. I think this is going to blow up and kill of wireless internet cafes. The only thing web cafes have going for them is that you can plug in your laptop into the wall, that’s it.

The next step for me is to buy long lasting lap top batteries. Iwill then  have wings like a bird, freedom baby, freedom!