Penny Slots At The Grand Villa Casino In Burnaby, Weee

For some cheap fun close to home we decided to check out the new casino in Burnaby called the Grand Villa Casino, with Anna (my cousin)  and Adre (cousin’s husband). We went there once before for the hell of it, drop of the kids at my parents and hit the slots for a few hours. Now don’t even think I’m a gambler, far from it.  Going to the casino is NOT  a way to get rich (unless you own the damn place). The only reason I go is because I can go there and have fun without breaking the bank.

Ever hear of penny slots, Grand Villa has them. Yep you can play 1 cent slot machines, so what’s the point? I’m not really sure, even if you get 100 credits, it’s only gonna bring you up 100 cents ($1). But, there is nooo way I’m gonna drop 1k in a casino, f*ck that. Umm, no thanks.

They did a nice job building this place though, not as cool as Las Vegas but hey were in Burnaby right? It’s a nice place to kick a few hours. I am no big gambler, hell I can barely play poker. It’s something to do on a whim right?  I work too hard to let the casinos make me into a bigger fool than I am, ha ha. If you’re counting on winning at the casino to pay your next mortgage, good luck bud.

By the way I went in with $5 to spend and came out with $4.62 cents. I lost 38 cents after playing for over 1 hour. Like I said it’s cheap entertainment…….

PS: You’re not allowed to take photos in a casino from what some old dude told me. I’m a rebel so I didn’t listen, it’s the story of my life…

photos from Grand Villa casino:

Vancouver foggy night

penny slots at Grand Villa casino in Burnaby

view from 2nd floor Grand Villa casino in Burnaby

view of the bar from 2nd floor Grand Villa casino in Burnaby

Andre playing penny slots at Grand Villa casino in Burnaby

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