A Few Shots With My New Canon SD1100

I ended up buying another Canon camera just for myself since my wife likes to snap tons of photos of the kids. If I have my own camera it’s much easier (my wife is a camera hog). I bring it everywhere with me, taking pictures are free so what the hell right?

I ended up buying the Canon PowerShot SD1100 for myself. It’s an 8.0 megapixel camera, the SD 750 my wife has is a 10.0 mega pixel. I cheaped outĀ  a bit but the SD1100 still takes great shots. I also figured out how to take video with my digital still camerasĀ  and upload the digital video right to YouTube which is pretty cool (and a time waster).

I really enjoy taking photos now, even if I’m an amateur at it. It’s fun to play with the camera settings, different angles and all that jazz. I guess for me it’s just another way for me to explore my creativity.

Doing digital vids will be cool as well, but I’m really impressed with the way YouTube compresses video, it looks all pixelated and blurry. I’m probably going to use Viddler for video on my blog, it’s much clearer than You Tube’s garbage quality.

On a side not does any know where to get long lasting laptop batteries? My laptop only lasts like 45 minutes so it’s kinda useless. I would like a laptop battery that last maybe 4-5 hours if possible, any ideas?

Enough for now, need to find a long lasting battery for my 2 week trip I will be going.



shot taken on River Road of Fraser river in Richmond

my shaky camera hand gave me a nice photograph


English Bay winter

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