Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino In Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill Movie
Nothing is better than seeing Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino together in a movie, remember “Heat”? Well the Italian dream team of DeNiro and Pacino are back at it again. Their newest movie “Righteous Kill” even has 50 Cent in it, what a crazy mix. I think it’s coming out this Friday from what my brother said, so we will be watching Righteous Kill next week. Anyone want to come along to the movie? This going to be awesome, love those two actors.


Watch the Righteous Kill Movie Trailer

4 thoughts on “Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino In Righteous Kill

  1. Roberto

    Hell yeah!

    I sure hope that movie is as badass as it should be with those two guys in there.

    By the way, you realize you just invited the ENTIRE INTERNET to go see a movie with you? Hope it’s a big theatre you’re going to.

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