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88 Minutes Movie Starring Al Pacino

88 Minutes Movie I’m going to check out Al Pacino’s new movie called 88 Minutes. This not a mob movie, and no it doesn’t take place in New York. Actually 88 minutes takes place right here in Vancouver, but it’s supposed to be Seattle (yawn).

88 Minutes is about a college professor (Al Pacino), while moonlighting as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, receives a death threat telling him that he has only 88 minutes to live.

The Associated Press review gave 88 Minutes a 1 star out of of 4 stars, not too good. That is the critics review and I only agree with critics everyone now and then. The general public gave 88 Minutes a 3 out 4 stars. Since I love Al Pacino (who doesn’t?) I’m still checking out this movie.

Did you know how old Al Pacino is 67? Well he was born on April 25, 1940, so that makes him 67 turning 68 years old in 2 days! Unreal that Al is 68 now. And on another note friends keep telling me Al Pacino is Iranian, lol. That is 100% bullshit. The guy was born in New York and his parents were Italian, so how is he Iranian? Al Pacino is 100% Italian, Robert DeNiro on the other hand is half Irish and half Italian. So fuggedaboutit, he’s 100% wop, badabing!

The Cast Of 88 Minutes

  • Al Pacino – Dr. Jack Gramm
  • Alicia Witt – Kim Cummings
  • Leelee Sobieski – Lauren Douglas
  • Amy Brenneman – Shelly Barnes
  • William Forsythe – Special Agent Frank Parks
  • Deborah Kara Unger – Carol Johnson
  • Benjamin McKenzie – Mike Stempt
  • Neal McDonough – Jon Forster
  • Leah Cairns – Sara Pollard
  • Stephen Moyer – Guy LaForge
  • Christopher Redman – Jeremy Guber
  • Brendan Fletcher – Johnny D’Franco
  • Michael Eklund – J.T. Rycker
  • Kristina Copeland – Dale Morris
  • Tammy Hui – Janie Cates

Check out the 88 Minutes Trailer


Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino In Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill Movie
Nothing is better than seeing Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino together in a movie, remember “Heat”? Well the Italian dream team of DeNiro and Pacino are back at it again. Their newest movie “Righteous Kill” even has 50 Cent in it, what a crazy mix. I think it’s coming out this Friday from what my brother said, so we will be watching Righteous Kill next week. Anyone want to come along to the movie? This going to be awesome, love those two actors.


Watch the Righteous Kill Movie Trailer