The Bathroom Blogger

Today wasn’t the most productive day, feeling a lttle bit under the weather. I hate when that happens cause I just feel like a bag of shit, with little energy to work. And since I’m feelin crappy, I am in the bathroom and Im blogging. I am the bathroom blogger, luckily the internet doesn’t have smell possibilities, haha.

Since having our baby boy I am in charge of my little daughter, so I can’t just wake up and get to work at 7 am. I have devised a plan around this, I will be using my laptop to work from my bed while Stefania is sleeping. She usually wakes up around 8 am so this way I can work and she can have a good sleep. I have had this laptop for a while but it never really came in handy until now.

I have a 15 inch Toshiba, and I’m starting to dig the feel of a laptop, where else can you work from the washroom?? Seriously it’s insane that I can actaully blog from the bathroom, I love it. Haha…

I can’t wait until it warms up a bit more then I can work from my backyard, you have to love the life of an affiliate marketer. People in my neighbourhood must think I’m a drug dealer. I am home all day and I drive an Escalade with 22″ inch chrome rims, lol. With hard work anything is possible, I am living proof. From cabinet maker, to internet marketer.

Time to go my wife needs the washroom.


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