Psycho Squirrels In Central Park

The last week, the weather in Vancouver has gone downhill to say the least ( can’t wait to be in Vegas baby!). It did however break up Saturday afternoon for a nice walk in Central park in Burnaby. It looks like Central Park has been overtaken by squirrels, everywhere. I took a bunch of pics of the squirrel madness and my daughter was scared and had fun at the same time, little bastards.

They were pretty aggressive, I’m not sure why but they are NOT scared of humans in that park!

live hardcore action of insane squirrels attacking!

Squirrels, squirrels everywhere!

Black squirrels everywhere!

Grey squirrels everywhere!

This squirrel looks like he got the sh*t beat out of him, stealing another squirrels acorn perhaps???

Photogenic squirrel

Mr. Mallard

the pond at Central Park, amazing Fall colors..

pefect day for a walk in the trail

Police cruiser in an accident on Boundary Road in Vancouver

Crash, bang, bong, boom! This was slammed going down the wrong side of the street, police chase perhaps?

Ok enough for now, it’s 10:00 pm on the dot, time for bedtime. Wake up call is 6 AM![ad]

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