East Van Ghetto Photo Walk

Last night, I went out for a solo walk around the hood to get some “exercise”, sitting on my ass for 10 hours a day isn’t doing anything good for my body… I brought the Canon sd 750 camera for some added fun to snap my version of “interesting stuff”, it might not be yours though! Sometimes I wonder why I put 1/2 the stuff on my blog that I do but I guess at that point and time it’s something I feel the need to get out there in the public forum.


First off on my East Van photo walk I go by our incredible sh*thole that is a mear 2 houses away from me. It fucking pisses me to see a mess like that in an area where the minimum house price is over $600,000 now. I think I’m may have to be one of those neighbours who has to  “call the city”. It’s a damn eye soar, I know he’s going to tear the place down but geez dude, this isn’t a garbage can, people live around and it’s NOT Surrey!

Looks like I live in Alabama or some sh*t! Can anyone say Red Neck?!

After I walked past this sight I went down Rupert Street towards Grandview Highway, then I needed to “unload” luckily Esso was near by. I couldn’t help but snap photos of their clean washroom project, lol.

Two entries per month though, don’t abuse and vote more than that you goofs! And it was up to my standards , it was minty fresh in their can. I enjoyed my stay there, if they had a bed I would sleep over night!

If you bitch about how dirty their washroom is you get a FREE air freshener, wow! Esso cares more about their washrooms than they do the environment, lol. I had to snap that cause it’s sounds pretty silly if you ask me. We all like  a clean can but….   FREE air fresheners?

Then I walked by this old school Chevy truck, if I’m not mistaken? It looked all beat up, perfect for my ghetto photo walk..

I think some dude lives in this, it’s cheaper than rent though right?

Ok, this is just plain, hmm, dumb, stupid, weird? I spotted this while walking past WalMart (near Grandview Highway) on the left. Lawn Ads

There are a few problems with Lawn ads, as I see it:

  • For one, what happens when someone walks away with your Lawn Ad? Your advertising is gone.
  • What happens whens it’s windy out?  No more advertising for you.
  • What happens at night? None will see your ads or very few unless they actually walk right next to it.
  • Can you promote dating sites on Lawn Ads, how about porn sites?

It’s probably cheaper than buying ads on Google so who knows, maybe I should try Lawn Ads, or maybe not!

Happy Thursday it’s 6:29 am and time to do some real work, ciao for now!


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