Taking The House Down, Down, Down

I was in my home office working away on some of my affiliate offers and  I heard some super load bangs coming from outside, I ran outside and to my delight they are tearing down that sh*thole with all the garbage in front of it. Woo hoo! I ran back in to get my digital camera.

What guy doesn’t like to watch a big tractor take down an old dumpy house?! I’m not sure what’s soo cool about seeing  a house go down , but I like seeing how easily the arm of the tractor can knock out a wall or lift the front stairs with such ease. The power  is neat to watch.

Anyways I got my digital camera and started snapping away. I got  a bunch of cool shots but narrowed it down to the ones I posted below. I’ve always liked to watch destruction ever since I was a little kid, yeah I’m a sick bast*rd. Boo hoo! It’s nice to see that eyesore gone from my street, that’s for sure. Lots of neighbours called the city on the contractor  who is tearing the house down today, because the garbage was out of control…


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