PayPal Fraud Security Is So Good You Can’t Even Pay Online Anymore

What the hell is wrong with PayPal. They have fraud prevention that actually stops honest people like me from being able to pay. I have done everything they wanted, I added and confirmed my bank account. They want you to add  a bank account so they can verify you are an actual person and not using some type of stolen credit card or whatever to open up and account with them, fine.

I did that!

Then I kept having problems saying I need to verify the credit card I was using? Are you f*cking serious, fine! I verified my credit card with PayPal. I tried to make some payments to online advertisers and still I have problems. I call up PayPal and tell them I have verified my credit card, I have attached and verified my bank account so they know I’m a “real person”. They tell me their is nothing they can do and this is done automatically when they PayPal system detects something fishy with the transactions and I should just try again within 2-3 hours.

Basically their fraud prevention, is preventing honest people from being able to pay online, stupid morons. Even if they want to, they can’t allow individuals transactions to go through, it’s all computer automated. Apparently a computer system is smarter than a human being now.

It blows me away that online fraud has gotten to the point where it’s slowing down and stopping legitimate online  e-commerce transactions from being able to happen. PayPal you need to get your head out of your ass, and find  a better solution. Some of the online advertisers I deal with allow wire transfers and that is the next route I will be taking. I would rather NOT wire $ 5,000 or $10,000 to online advertising network so I can buy traffic to my sites. It does make me a bit nervous but having balls is all part of the game of life, my balls have gotten me pretty damn far. You can’t too far if your’e living in fear or scared. Anyways, if PayPal doesn’t want my business then F*CK YOU PAYPAL.

That is my rant for today…. PayPal sucks

If you type PayPal into Google on the first page there is a site called and the whole site is all about how sh*tty PayPal is. PayPal tried to have the site taken down but no luck and good they didn’t. The Internet is about free speech and no one should be able to censor anyone’s  right to voice their own opinion!

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