October 31 Halloween And Other Useless Info

A Happy Halloween,  to everyone out in Internet land (whatever that even means). I went out for  nice morning walk with my son and brought along my Canon SD750 for added fun (or what my version of fun is..).  Sometimes I think what the hell do I have this blog for anyways?  I mean f*ck, I’m turning 39 years old in like 2 weeks! Do I need to get out of this “phase”? Then I think that I am different than most people. I mean hell, I was a graffiti artist for over 20 years of my life, lol. Is that normal, hmmm?

Maybe it is maybe not. Sometimes I think I try to be too much like “regular people”. But if I wasn’t as wacky and different than I am, then maybe I wouldn’t be who I am today (actually I know that for a fact!).

It’s always better to be yourself than be what society thinks you should be so f*ck it! What is “society”, but  a bunch of “guidelines” to tell you how to act appropriately. I don’t need people telling who I am or how to act. I don’t really think I want to be normal, or what society thinks is normal. I have always gone against the current, and so far it has done me well.

Well, all that came out of no where…

Like to say Happy Birthday to my pop who turns 71 years old today! Wow, makes me realize I’m getting older too!

Ok before I start going off in another direction again, here are today’s photos from my East Van photo walk, lol.

“V”, I remember the original V TV mini series from way back in 1984 and now its back  in a brand new slick 2009 package. I can’t wait to watch it!

Saw this sticker on a sign on Renfrew elementary school on East 22nd Ave. Awesome sticker, haha! Keep it up, champ, more like chump!

Someone put lots of effort into these, 10 carved pumpkins, nice!

This ad was made for me. Yes it is “Vegas time”, in 2 weeks I’ll be there, CANNOT WAIT!

Where’s the owner? That is the first thing that popped in my head,  kinda creepy actually. It was just sitting there on Grandview Highway, near Walmart

he looks pretty crusty over wearing a monkey suite for Halloween.

The dalamatian, minus the spots on her face.

I had to fix a tile border than feel off in the laundry room, not really sure why I snapped photos but I did. Deal with it…

PL 200, is the best construction adhesive to bond anything to anything! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

PL200 on the back of the tile, this tile border will NEVER come off again trust me.

daughter holding the tile border in place to help is stick to the drywall, good girl.

There you go all done, and stuck in place where it should be.

Enough for now, time to make a few more ad campaigns to “make more monies online”. Tonight off to the parents for my pops birthday and that’s it folks!


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