Almost…. Getting Scammed On Craigslist

I have used Craigslist many times to rent my rental properties, get rid of furniture, even used to do affiliate marketing  through it (years ago). I had an website landing page that I needed translated and I wanted someone local to do it.  I contacted a few people, one guy said he could do it for 0.06 cents per word, good price.  I asked if he was from Vancouver and if we could meet to do the payment. I said this because I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a scammer. I already knew about online translation sites such as Google Translate. I also realize that it’s far from perfect to translate from English to other languages, so the best thing to do it hire someone to do it properly.

The guy calls himself “Chris” and he said he would start right away. He actually said he was from Vancouver, so I thought it would be fine.  The next day (today), I emailed him to see how the project was coming along, and he said it was all done. Two minutes later I get an email  from (It’s an online  payment processor, like PayPal) stating that [email protected] wants to be paid $72.00 U.S. Payment for the “translation”

screen shot of the email from AlertPay, from [email protected] (scammer)

Why is it US funds?

I then email him back asking why is it in U.S. funds and he says  that he lives in Washington D.C. I told him to call me so I can talk to him, his number shows up as (301)437-9953. Maryland area code which is fine since Maryland is next to D.C. I ask him why he said he was from Vancouver in a previous  and he said he needs to check his email (why?).

I tell him I wanted to deal with someone locally so I could meet them in person to make sure they weren’t just using an online translation web site to make some quick cash and scam me at the same time. Online translation sites do a poor job of making the article or words sounds proper. He says that I can let one of my friends who understands French to proof read it. He said he could email 1/2 the article for me to look at and then I could send the payment for $72.00 U.S after I approved.  It all seemed like bull sh*t to me, such an easy scam really. “OK, send it and I look at it.”

Anyways he sends part of the article over and I went right to Google Translate and boom, it’s the same exact paragraghs word for word, just translated from English to French. Nice try scumbag.

You can give him a call if you want, (301)437-9953 ask for Chris the scammer. I think the number is a prepaid cell phone. Always be careful, someone is always ready to drain your wallet.

(screen shot of ad on

Here is a link to the scam

I found some one local who isn’t afraid to meet in person, lesson learned. Be careful on deal locally!


13 thoughts on “Almost…. Getting Scammed On Craigslist

  1. Bettina

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just had a close call with the very same guy. Like a trusting dummy I had already paid and then got a bad feeling… Thankfully Alertpay agreed to reverse the charges.
    I’m going to post my cautionary tale on my own blog as well – maybe it’ll help stop that jerk from getting rich on this scam.
    Phew. Again – thanks!

  2. CV Post author

    I’m glad you got your money back. All he does is use an online translator and give you your article translated in 2 seconds, the downside is the translation is 100% pure crap. The scammers phone number is, (301)437-9953. His email once again is [email protected]. Complete SCAM!

  3. CV Post author

    Here is more info on this scumbag, apparently he sells Nike shoes, all his real contact info is here.

    Address:3254 queenstown drive mount rainier MD 20712 USA
    Contact name: Chris Delpipidi

  4. Daniel

    Unfortunately I got scammed by this guy. I’m pretty sure all he did was copy my resume into google translator – the result was a perfectly unusable document. $32 down the drain.

  5. CV Post author

    AlertPay isn’t fake, the person who was using it was trying to scam me, it was not AlertPay’s fault.

  6. Also scammed

    I was scammed also: but I AM a professional translator! I only translate from French to English (English being my native language — professional standards dictate you only translate INTO your native language…). He subcontracted to me, and then wasn’t going to pay me — he coughed up half of it when I said I was going to contact Maryland legal authorities. He also violates Craigslist’s policies rampantly — Craigslist does not allow cross-city posting, yet he does this. I complained to Craigslist several times, literally years ago. They basically ignored me.

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