The Tuesday Run Around

Today was lots of running around. First had to get all my papers for the Vegas condo signed, done. Then I bought a cheap new Brothers fax machine (cost $80), instead of faxing stuff at Staples for $1.50 a sheet, done. I hate wasting money on BS and getting stuff faxed at Staples is one of them.  Then I went to the bank to wire the funds for the condo, and it should be ours within the next day or so. I’m happy about that, I should be going down to Nevada sometime early next month.

Then, I had to meet my POCO tenant at Tim Hortons because his rent check bounced, done. Went home did some more work, and then went to my mother in laws for dinner and left early because we needed to meet up with my accountant to signed corporation papers, ugh,

I then realized I had a bunch of pics on my camera that I should upload to my blog, and here I am. Time to watch one hour of TV, then off to bed, zzzzzzzzz.

Burrard Inlet

Burrard Inlet

Second Narrows bridge shot from EastVan

Burrard inlet CP train line

pizza from Ragazzi Pizza, at $44 for 2 pizza’s it’s def not cheap, but hey it’s made by REAL Italians. Imagine that? A pizza place owned by an Italian? Hard to find in Vancouver….

pizza from Ragazzi Pizza

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