Happy Canadian Thanks Giving Day

Well Happy Canadian Thanks Giving Day to everyone out in Internet land. I know our neighbours to the south have their Thanks Giving Day in November.  Anyone living in Canada has lots of to be grateful for.

Sometimes I don’t realize how good we have it in Canada, but if you compare to almost 99% of the world  then you start to realize how lucky we really are. We have tons of open space, a stable economy (with little recession problems), stable political environment, tons of opportunities here if you want to make it big financially, great place to raise families and so much more. Yes I have bitched tons about the weather in Vancouver, when it’s raining but overall it’s hard to beat.

That is the reason real estate continues to rise here all the time (unlike almost everywhere else), everyone wants to live here.

  • Where you rather live, India or here?
  • Where you rather live, China or here?
  • Where you rather live, Philippines or here?
  • and so on…

It’s  all about the quality of life here in Canada,  something I have personally taken for granted for a long time. If you ever watch the movie Sicko, then you realize we have it better even than the USA. They need to pay for expensive heath care insurance in the good ole States, we get it free (through our taxes but still..)

So today think about how lucky you are to have what you have. I am grateful for everything in my life, and wouldn’t change a thing. And some people wanted to know how my 7k profit per day was going, let me just say it’s climbing up there now. Don’t ask for my traffic sources, took me a long time to find decent places with trial and error. DON’T ASK!!!!! I am not there yet but at this rate I should reach my goal. You’re not the only one in shock, so am I. Let’s just say that the law of attraction and writing down your goals works. Obviously you need to work at it however you gravitate towards what you focus (work) on.  It always amazes when I write down goals then they come true.

Just like when I said I wanted to buy 2-3 condos by the end of the year,  it happened. Write down your goal and work towards them. It’s a simple process that will change you life if you want it to happen and work towards it.

Oh and October 10th 1999 was the day I left my “stable carpenter job”, 10 years ago to join the dotcom revolution. Now I make more in 1 day than I did in 1 month working there.  It’s my 10 year anniversary, some people thought I couldn’t do it but I proved them all wrong. I knew very little about computers when I left my job, but I took a 6 month internet development course and went from there. I have never worked as hard as I have in the last 10 years but it was worth every swear word and every simple moment of pain and stress.

Don’t let anyone hold you back, usually the people who try to hold you back are the ones who are too scared to do anything themselves. Follow your inner self and you will be ok.

Believe in You.

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