Furniture Shopping At The Richmond Ikea

Me and wifey spent the day at Ikea in Richmond, why? Obviously I need to furnish the place in Las Vegas but they don’t have an Ikea in Las Vegas which sucks! They can ship the stuff from their Ikea warehouse in California to our place in Las Vegas, so we went and picked out all the furniture, beds, night tables, chairs, dinner table, sofas and a few other tid bits. We wrote it all down and we will go to the Ikea website and then call the order in to the Ikea call center, they can ship all the stuff direct to Las Vegas. This is the best idea we had to furnish the place for cheap.  I don’t want to spend $20,000 to furnish it…

So now I’m kinda beat from walking around Ikea for the last 2 hours, ugh. At least we picked out all the household stuff, minus  the tv, tv stand, vacuum cleaner and some other small stuff.  Pretty dumb they don’t have Ikea in Las Vegas since their population is about 2,000,000 just like Vancovuer, whatever!

sample display bedroom at Ikea (wer’e buying the same bed as well as night stands, messy display room though..)

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