Thursday Is Here, Hump Day Is Gone

Seems pretty hot out there, cause I’m sweating over my computer as I type.  Always nice when the heat kicks in. I had enough snow to last me a lifetime from last winter, ugh… Anyways it’s almost the weekend which is pretty cool. Days off, chillaxing in the backyard are always nice to have. I worked hard this week and can’t wait to punch the clown. Overall it was a good week, warm sunny etc.

Tomorrow night we head to West Van to wifey cousins birthhday Mary (turning 38) at SteamWorks.  I haven’t been to Steam Works since the dot com days of having an office job, yuck. Luckily for me I am unemployed forever, weeee. Not much else to report.

I snapped a few pictures and that’s it.

Bada Bing!

last night from the back porch

sunset last night from the back porch (facing North Shore mountains)

sunset last night from the back porch (facing Grouse mountains)

same as above..

On Highway 1 in Burnaby coming back from my condo in Port Coquitlam (rent check bounced, so I went to pick up cash in person..). Cash count bounce, nuff said.

Highway 1 in Burnaby (Willingdon Exit)

Ok, back to work. Need to make my next million ASAP!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Is Here, Hump Day Is Gone

  1. CV Post author

    Yeah I get those bounced checks every now and then. Getting cash is good because it can’t bounce but then you need to go to the rental property every month. But I would prob do the same or tell them that they need to move out because you need to do renovations or some shit. Also raise the rent yearly with bad tenants, sometimes they will move out if the rent keeps increasing, it helps. No one said being a landlord was fun, but it’s def better than a real job! Take Care

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