The Movie Called 21 – Based On A True Story

[ad]Going to watch a movie called “21 tonight, with my cousins and brother. It looks like a cool movie, it’s about a group of students from MIT that learn the art of card counting and how they make millions of dollars in Las Vegas. The cool thing about 21 is that it’s based on a true story. Card counting is like affiliate marketing in that you try to beat the system. Me as as an affiliate market needs to find ways of getting people to click on my ads and then converting those clicks into sales . Card counters use their brains to beat the odds of playing BlackJack. It’s and us against them mentality. Maybe that sounds lame, but I like to think I’m cool, guess not…

The 21 cast includes:

  1. Kevin Spacey
  2. Kate Bosworth
  3. Aaron Yoo
  4. Liza Lapira
  5. Jacob Pitts
  6. Laurence Fishburne
  7. Jack McGee
  8. Josh Gad

Check Out The 21 Trailer

should be a pretty cool movie, time for dinner now.

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