ThanksGiving – A Family Day At Home Chillin

Today I’m taking the day off, sort of. My parents along with my brother, his wife step daughter, my brother n law and my wifes sister and nice and nephew, my mother in law and my brother n laws mother are all coming here for a ThanksGiving dinner at 3 PM. The weather is pretty sh*tty outside, and I don’t feel like going to MetoTown Mall again (for the 3rd time this week). I have enough Puma gear to last me for a year now.

The great thing about winter is that everyone is indoors, so the sales start getting better and better. Bad weather is my business partner, so in one way I look forward to miserable gray rainy days. Besides the financial part of it, it’s kind of nice to have all the 4 seasons. If it was hot and sunny every single day, hmm? I would probably get tired of it after awhile.

Today in Vancouver the weather is drizzly and that is just fine with me. Later on I think I’m going to pop in “Get Smart” in the dvd player and relax after late lunch/early dinner.

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