What Are You ThankFul For?

With Thanksgiving happening on Monday I thought it would be cool to blog about what I am grateful for. Personally I feel have lots to be grateful for, not only in the financial part of my life but more so in the family part. Family is more important than cash.

My Kids

I am father to two kids , one boy (6 months old) and one girl (2.5 years old) who I can’t say enough about. It’s hard to imagine life before them actually.  Seeing their smiling faces in the morning is truly something I am really thankful for. I am glad they are happy and healthy kids, and it’s pretty cool I have one of each.

My Wife

Hmm, I don’t think I could have asked for a perfect wife. She’s a beautiful lady, hardworking mother and a great cook who can make any recipe into an amazing dinner really, fast. I couldn’t have met and married a more amazing lady.

My Parents

Both of my parents are still married and they showed me all the life skills I have ever needed. You don’t realize how much you learn from your parents until you get older and have your own family.

Yeah this was a mushy blog post, but it’s always good to appreciate what ya have right?

With all the economic B.S in the news lately it’s nice to have a home that I feel secure in emotionally.

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