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Quick Money Grab From Yahoo Search Marketing Takes Effect today

Yeah, yeah, Yahoo Search Marketing implemented their new B.S rule. Minimum bids are no longer fixed at $.10. So what does this mean? Well you could be paying less, but probably more for your keyword bids.

Higher Bids From Yahoo Marketing - No More 10 cents

Straight from the horses mouth:

  • Sponsored Search minimum bids are no longer fixed at $.10.
  • Content Match minimum bids currently will remain at $.10.
  • Higher ad quality may help you receive lower minimum bids.
  • Currently applies to U.S. accounts only.

The same as their buddies over at Google AdSense, it’s all about the quality score….. Also the number of bidders and bid amounts on a keyword market will affect how much you pay per click. WE will see how this turns out. Luckily I don’t rely on Yahoo very much. I use Google which is even more anal, lol.

Gas prices goes up, food goes up, flour goes up and PPC clicks go up. I don’t give a shit, you want to get ahead make more money, that’s it. No one cares, it’s up to YOU to get ahead. Want more money, then make more pay per click campaigns, that’s it… That’s how I deal with inflation, simple solution for me anyways.[ad]

Yahoo Search Marketing Changes Minimum Bids

So now Yahoo has changed their policy on $0.10 bids, hmmm. Apparently starting in the next few weeks, the minimum bids for a number of Yahoo Sponsored Search keywords will no longer be fixed at $.10. Your new minimum bids can be lower or higher than $.10. So what does it mean? Higher quality ads on Yahoo will help you receive lower minimum bids, but if you have a shitty ad with a low CTR (click through rate), then be prepared to pay more. Geez this sounds like the local new for gas, “be prepared to pay more.


So how can you adjust yourself to this new policy?

You should try to improve your ad quality to receive lower minimum bids, because your minimum bids generally take your quality into account. In some instances, higher quality means that you could have a lower minimum bid.

I wonder how regular people advertising a local real estate office or a yoga studio feel about advertising online, must be a huge time killer for them. For an affiliate marketer like me it’s my full time job but fuck, can they make online advertising anymore difficult? If you needed to jump through all these hoops to advertise in the Vancouver Sun (my local newspaper), people would be screaming bloody murder, lol.

I don’t even care that much about Yahoo changes,  I use Google AdWords for 99% of my PPC campaigns , Google is even more anal, ha ha. Oh the joy! It’s still better than going to work everyday.

OK, enough wining for now it’s 7:09 am, time for an espresso.

How To Contact Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing


Just in case you have problems with your sponsored ads running on Google or Yahoo and you need to contact the big boys, I found phone numbers so you can reach Google and Yahoo directly. Might as well post them here, they are hard enough to find.

How to reach Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing

Google ADWords Team: 1-866-2-GOOGLE
Yahoo Search Marketing: 866-YAHOO-SM

Thank me later, time for a break…