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The Tim Hortons Line Up on Commercial Drive

Today wasn’t very eventful (except for Obama becoming Prez, hooray!), and I had to kick myself in the ass to get working. I hate it when I don’t know what I need to do. So I just ended up browsing around  the web a bit. I ended up finding some blog from some girl in Toronto (Raymi The Minx) who has been blogging for 9 years, and she blogs like crazy. Then my thoughts came back and then the work started flowing FINALLY. I get in these weird moods where I just  don’t know what I need to do next, and working for yourself makes it even harder because there is no one there to tell you what to do next (can be good & bad).


*** Oh and I ended up backing out of a condo that I put an offer on in New West, after me and my realtor went through the strata minutes. Leaky condo, NO THANKS!!

Overall just another basic day (hate this f*cking fog though, ugh)………

Commercial Drive, walking to new Tim Hortons

Commercial Drive Tim Hortons


lineup Tim Hortons  – “Where’s My Donut?”

lineup Tim Hortons


me at Tim Hortons

me at Tim Hortons

I hate this washroom, smells like………….. (Renfrew Library)


A Clean Truck & Tim Hortons Is My Saturday Night Entertainment


If you have read my blog any period of time you know I own a black Escalade, and everyone knows that black gets dirty real quick.  Well in my ongoing quest to find Tim Horton’s coffee anywhere I am I came across Easy Wash in North Vancouver. It’s an eco-friendly car wash, which is cool. But the really cool thing is they have monthly plans available for as low as $30 so you can cruise with a clean car all the time.  Yeah I’m kind of a clean freak, why else would I have owned a power washing business for 3 years? Anyways I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about a touch-less car wash but the place is cheap and useful, it’s $30 a month for unlimited washes. Good deal if you ask me, and it’s open 24 hours a day. Important to have a clean truck at 4 am you know!

So anyways, today me and the family were stuck indoors all day as well are all feeling under the weather (the snow didn’t help!), so we needed to get out a bit. We rolled over the 2nd Narrows bridge to North Vancouver, went to Tim Horton’s drive thru, I got a Tim Horton’s double double, my wife got a water and Stefania got a muffin (as usual). We go the truck washed at Easy Wash and then we went out to Deep Cove. Just a chill night with the family, when you get married those clubbing days are over, and thank God.

 I spent a little over 10 years going from night club to night club. I was the John Travolta of Vancouver in the 1990’s, before all the gang shooting and club bullshit. So being married and having a family is perfect by me!

 Well that’s enough rambling for tonight, I sound like a senile old man, pretty bad for a 37 year old. Basically what I’m trying to say is keep your car clean, and don’t go clubbing unless you have gun in one hand and a Tim Horton’s coffee in the other.

Enough said.