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The Tim Hortons Line Up on Commercial Drive

Today wasn’t very eventful (except for Obama becoming Prez, hooray!), and I had to kick myself in the ass to get working. I hate it when I don’t know what I need to do. So I just ended up browsing around  the web a bit. I ended up finding some blog from some girl in Toronto (Raymi The Minx) who has been blogging for 9 years, and she blogs like crazy. Then my thoughts came back and then the work started flowing FINALLY. I get in these weird moods where I just  don’t know what I need to do next, and working for yourself makes it even harder because there is no one there to tell you what to do next (can be good & bad).


*** Oh and I ended up backing out of a condo that I put an offer on in New West, after me and my realtor went through the strata minutes. Leaky condo, NO THANKS!!

Overall just another basic day (hate this f*cking fog though, ugh)………

Commercial Drive, walking to new Tim Hortons

Commercial Drive Tim Hortons


lineup Tim Hortons  – “Where’s My Donut?”

lineup Tim Hortons


me at Tim Hortons

me at Tim Hortons

I hate this washroom, smells like………….. (Renfrew Library)


Commercial Drive In Vancouver At A Glance

Last night we dropped of my baby daughter at my parents place, then my son, wife and myself went over to Commercial Drive for some ice cream at Dolce Amore located 1 block north East 1st Avenue. The place makes real Italian ice cream right in the back, yum, yum. I brought the camera along and snapped some more pics of Commercial Drive. Usually at night we end up going to Tim Hortons because the price is right and they have nice tasting coffee. For those not from Vancouver, I recommend Commercial Drive as it has a real multicultural feel with tons of coffee shops, produce stores and so on like I mentioned last week in my “This Weekend In East Van” post.

On Commercial Drive I recommend Calabria Bar for great tasting real Italian cafe, no Starbucks bullshit. The Calabria Coffee Bar has been on Commercial for over 30 years, long before non fat Lattes became a second language for yuppies. Surprise caffe lattes and mochas weren’t invented from Starbucks in Seattle, they just knew how to market it on a HUGE scale. Enough about that, I do get carried away don’t I?

Also for cheap produce and a huge selection of Italian foods such as Mortadella and Romano cheese go to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara market has a great selection of Italian foods, it’s run by a cool old Portuguese man who always looked pissed about something, ha ha.

And… here are the photos from Monday night:

The Drive

The Drive

Flag On Arriva Ristorante Commercial Drive

Normans Market

E 1st Ave/Commercial Drive

Bananas on Commercial Drive

JJBean Coffee house


Italy Out Of The Euro Cup

Ah, what can you do, for me the fun is over. My team lost to Spain. I always hate when it goes into overtime, but penalty shots? Arghhh, that is just sudden death. Anyways, I snapped a few photos of Commercial Drive before the game, before all the long faces,  ha ha.  I took a few shots  of the Italian soccer fans, and then some photos of Italian day at the Italian Center.

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

before the game between Spain on Commercial Drive Caffe Roma, East Van

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

That dude looks pissed at me.

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Ford Truck

Proud To Be Italian

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

And then we went to the Italian Center on Slocan Street In East Van For Italian Week…

future soccer players

future soccer players?


Lamborghini Italian Center For Italian Week