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Italy Out Of The Euro Cup

Ah, what can you do, for me the fun is over. My team lost to Spain. I always hate when it goes into overtime, but penalty shots? Arghhh, that is just sudden death. Anyways, I snapped a few photos of Commercial Drive before the game, before all the long faces,  ha ha.  I took a few shots  of the Italian soccer fans, and then some photos of Italian day at the Italian Center.

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

before the game between Spain on Commercial Drive Caffe Roma, East Van

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

That dude looks pissed at me.

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Ford Truck

Proud To Be Italian

Caffe Roma Vancouver, Euro Cup 2008

And then we went to the Italian Center on Slocan Street In East Van For Italian Week…

future soccer players

future soccer players?


Lamborghini Italian Center For Italian Week