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What’s Goin On?


Hello! Remember me? Yeah I don't post much anymore, it's the way it is live with it! Surprisingly I feel like posting today, wow. I'm heading back down to Vegas to close on 2-3 more rental properties, yeah I'm a machine I can't stop. I get a rush from buying investment properties and I like the monthly checks in the mail . I'm heading down and staying for 10 days, the weather in Vancouver is on/off rain and sun so it's not too bad but the sunny 30 celcius temps of Las Vegas will be very welcome.

$$$ Goal

I'm on quest to make my $1,000 day profit which looks like it's going to happen in the next month, soo stoked on that. I have been trying to find a way to get my profits with soo many of my old marketing ways becoming obsolete it has been a real challenge to say the least. It looks like what I am doing now is working, so I will be pushing forward in that direction fo shizzle..

I'm thinking once I reach my goal I will treat myself to an IPhone so I can waste even more time online for no reason, LOL. There is no point in working hard if you don't have some fun and enjoy yourself, right? The IPhone has some great uses and cool applications that will come in handy, still a waste of $$$ but whatever. I'm thinking I will use it to post pictures on Twitter instantly so people can see what I'm up to at that exact second. Silly? Yeah maybe but everyone else is doing, I need to join the crowd right!

If anyone has info on where to get the best IPhone plan in Vancouver, email me please.

Hiking This Morning

I just got back from hiking in Deep cove North Vancouver on the Baden and Powell trail which is pretty cool. We ended hiking 4 kilometers (there & back), to the Indian Arm lookout point which is very scenic (see pics below). I was tired doing the hike because I'm out of shape but it was fun and felt great after wards. I'm thinking this should be a weekly thing, it's free, peaceful and a good way to unwind and it's only about 15 minutes away from my house.

PS: I'm not sure if I'm going to post more, we will see if this blogging energy keeps up!

Baden & Powell Trail in North Vancouver

Eating dried seaweed, and it actually was pretty good. I wish she would have brought more!

view facing down to the Deep Cove Marina…

Hiking up Baden & Powell trail, it takes about one hour each way for us out of shape people.

Indian Arm in the background.

the small island on the right is for sale for only $7,000,000 and it has 3 houses on it but no running water. You can commute by boat to work.

That's all for now, time to hit Price Smart for some food shopping… Ciao


The Weekend Wrap Up

Last night wifey and myself along with friends, Remo and Mirella went to the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby.  We had a few beers and played the famous penny slots. I ended up loosing  a whopping $2.37. I don’t go to casinos to make money or barely spend money. Pure mindless entertainment is what a slot machine can offer…


Remo playing the penny slots at the Grand Villa Casino. He’s more  a poker player, me on the other hand? Meh, I don’t play poker. I tried it a few times with the helper cards and it was fun though.

The slot machine I played for about 15 minutes. After the casino we went back to my place and watched “Bride Wars” (chick flick), with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. We started falling asleep during the movie so I paused it and will watch the rest tonight with wifey. We can barely ever watch a whole movie, we end up falling asleep or the kids wake up and cry or whatever…

Under video survaillance? Oh really and looks what was next to this warning (see pic below).  Right next to Petcetera (parking lot) on Grandview Highway and Rupert Street. Nice surveillance, someone’s sleeping…


Read above..

After waiting in the car for my wife to buy a few things at SuperStore we went to the Tim Horton’s drive thru in North Van, on the way to Deep Cove.

Arrive at Deep Cove and I snap a few more pics…

Deep Cove is such a relaxing place, it feels like I’m on vacation every time I am there.  And it’s only about 15 minutes away from where I live….

This made me have a little chuckle. I guess someone in the District Of North Vancouver Parks Department has a sense of humor, good for you!

A pic of  The downtown East Side Fire Department mural located right across from the Number 5 Orange in downtown Vancouver. That’s all for the updates folks.[ad#ad-1]

A Clean Truck & Tim Hortons Is My Saturday Night Entertainment


If you have read my blog any period of time you know I own a black Escalade, and everyone knows that black gets dirty real quick.  Well in my ongoing quest to find Tim Horton’s coffee anywhere I am I came across Easy Wash in North Vancouver. It’s an eco-friendly car wash, which is cool. But the really cool thing is they have monthly plans available for as low as $30 so you can cruise with a clean car all the time.  Yeah I’m kind of a clean freak, why else would I have owned a power washing business for 3 years? Anyways I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about a touch-less car wash but the place is cheap and useful, it’s $30 a month for unlimited washes. Good deal if you ask me, and it’s open 24 hours a day. Important to have a clean truck at 4 am you know!

So anyways, today me and the family were stuck indoors all day as well are all feeling under the weather (the snow didn’t help!), so we needed to get out a bit. We rolled over the 2nd Narrows bridge to North Vancouver, went to Tim Horton’s drive thru, I got a Tim Horton’s double double, my wife got a water and Stefania got a muffin (as usual). We go the truck washed at Easy Wash and then we went out to Deep Cove. Just a chill night with the family, when you get married those clubbing days are over, and thank God.

 I spent a little over 10 years going from night club to night club. I was the John Travolta of Vancouver in the 1990’s, before all the gang shooting and club bullshit. So being married and having a family is perfect by me!

 Well that’s enough rambling for tonight, I sound like a senile old man, pretty bad for a 37 year old. Basically what I’m trying to say is keep your car clean, and don’t go clubbing unless you have gun in one hand and a Tim Horton’s coffee in the other.

Enough said.