The Weekend Wrap Up

Last night wifey and myself along with friends, Remo and Mirella went to the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby.  We had a few beers and played the famous penny slots. I ended up loosing  a whopping $2.37. I don’t go to casinos to make money or barely spend money. Pure mindless entertainment is what a slot machine can offer…


Remo playing the penny slots at the Grand Villa Casino. He’s more  a poker player, me on the other hand? Meh, I don’t play poker. I tried it a few times with the helper cards and it was fun though.

The slot machine I played for about 15 minutes. After the casino we went back to my place and watched “Bride Wars” (chick flick), with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. We started falling asleep during the movie so I paused it and will watch the rest tonight with wifey. We can barely ever watch a whole movie, we end up falling asleep or the kids wake up and cry or whatever…

Under video survaillance? Oh really and looks what was next to this warning (see pic below).  Right next to Petcetera (parking lot) on Grandview Highway and Rupert Street. Nice surveillance, someone’s sleeping…


Read above..

After waiting in the car for my wife to buy a few things at SuperStore we went to the Tim Horton’s drive thru in North Van, on the way to Deep Cove.

Arrive at Deep Cove and I snap a few more pics…

Deep Cove is such a relaxing place, it feels like I’m on vacation every time I am there.  And it’s only about 15 minutes away from where I live….

This made me have a little chuckle. I guess someone in the District Of North Vancouver Parks Department has a sense of humor, good for you!

A pic of  The downtown East Side Fire Department mural located right across from the Number 5 Orange in downtown Vancouver. That’s all for the updates folks.[ad#ad-1]

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