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Google AdWords UpDate – My Ads Are Running Again

Last week I had a problem with my Google ads being flagged as “Adult Content”, which was a mistake by Google but they refused to give real answers as to why it was flagged “Adult”. In my post I mentioned that if I resubmitted the ad as it was, it would probably get approved and begin running again. Well….. that is exactly what happened and I am happy to say that someone at Google actually approved the ad, the way it should have been done last week! smily.jpg smily.jpg

Those donkeys can be very clueless and usless. So here is my tip if your ad doesnt get approved look at your website, your ad, and then talk to an AdWords Specialist Idiot. If you can’t get Google to fix your problem and you know it should be running on Google, then just resubmit the ad again. Simple but stupid. I’m sure I lost at least $1000 if not more because of one of my ads wasn’t running but that is life online with the “Big G”.smily.jpg

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Google AdWords Specialists, Not That Smart

I had a great conversation with Google AdWords team again, they are soo dumb. My ads were lots of traffic on the content network, then 2 out of the 3 ad groups died right now. I then needed to contacted my heroes at Google AdWords. Of course I saved the conversation just to show how stupid they are.

You can read for yourself:

Chat InformationThank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: “impressions way down”.
Chat InformationDevon S has received your message and will be right with you.
Devon S: Hello C. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I’m happy to help you.
C: hello

Devon S: I understand your impressions have declined and you’d like clarification as to why, is that correct?
Devon S: I’m happy to look into it.
Devon S: For account verification purposes, can you please give me your customer ID number?

C: My impression on 2 ad groups are almost down to nothing
C: k 1 sec
C: Customer ID: ********
Devon S: Ok.
Devon S: What ad groups are those?

C: 1sec
Devon S: And have you made any changes to the account recently?
C: no i havent
C: ******** ******** ******** group
C: ******** ******** group
Devon S: Ok. Hold on just a moment while I take a look.
C: ok
C: still there?
Devon S: Yes, I’ve been looking through your account
C: ok
Devon S: It looks like the rank of your ads dropped, most likely due to a change in the family status of your ads.
C: why is that?
Devon S: Publishers can decide the status of ads they’d like to show on their sites, so if your family status changes, you might not be eligible for certain sites.
Devon S: Here’s an article about family status:
Devon S: http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=69787

C: no listen
C: it was approved and ran find for 1 week now they change status
C: wht the hell is that about?
C: why did they approve it in thew 1st place?
C: and its not porn its damn ******** site
C: with no nudity or any adult words
Devon S: I apologize for your frustration, C.
C: thats fine
C: but seriously
C: look at the site
Devon S: Ads are reviewed when they are added originally, and are often re-reviewed.
C: doesn tmean it was aprroved right
C: dont you thnink they could have made a mistake when they rereviewed it?
Devon S: I don’t believe so
C: so they made a mistake when they 1st reviewed it?
C: lol you guys are nuts
Devon S: Did you make any changes to the ads?
Devon S: When ads are edited or updated, they’re submitted for review again.

C: seems silly , cause all the diff editors seem to have their OWN rules
C: yes i changed the ad so i coudl try to get a better ctr
Devon S: No, we have a very specific rubric for approval.
Devon S: Ok.
Devon S: Then that’s why it was re-reviewed.

C: if you have a specific rubric for approval. then why was it approved originally then?
C: does that make sense to you?
Devon S: It was approved both times, C. It sounds like the changes you made affected the family status of the ad.
C: thatsBS
C: the ad is clean
C: no adult words at all
Devon S: We don’t just consider the ad text, but also the concepts within the ads.
C: does that looks like adult wording to you?
C: bah
C: make no sense
C: you really dont even knwo why it wasnt approved do you?
Devon S: C, the ad was approved.
Devon S: It’s running.

C: yeah approved but not RUNNING!
C: oh yeah its running
C: i got clciks today
C: i got 3 clicks
C: wow
C: compared to 300 clciks the other day lol
C: but its running fine
C: too bad no one will ever see it
Devon S: That may be due to the decrease in impressions. However, it looks like everything is running fine in the account.
C: gues waht is really funny
C: if i resubmit again i might get them running as family safe
C: do you realize how dumb that is?
C: but you know what it will probably work
Devon S: That’s possible, but not likely if you don’t change the ads.
C: google is hit and miss
Devon S: Keep in mind your ads won’t run at all on the content network while they’re in line to be reviewed.
C: 1/2 the time the edotirs dotn do things the RIGHT WAY
C: gotcha
Devon S: I apologize for the frustration, C. Was there anything else I can help you with today?
C: lol this is uesless
C: I can figure it out on my own way better than your help
C: sorry but you guys are nuts
C: but thats life
Devon S: I’m sorry you feel that way, C.
C: no offence to you but seriously
Devon S: I don’t think this conversation is productive anymore, though, so I’m going to have to end this chat.
C: anwys see ya
C: yup thanks buddy..

These “specialists” are good for nothing, they are Google robots.  The reason my ads aren’t showing on the content network is this. I had my ads all approved and running fine, I adding some new ads so I could get a better CTR, which in return was sent to review where they flagged the ads as  not “family safe”, which is pure bullshit.

Here is the stupid part if I create a AdWords new campaign it will probably get approved as “family safe”, they love to waste my time. It really is insane how stupid they are at Google AdWords. Time to make a NEW campaign…..