Google AdWords UpDate – My Ads Are Running Again

Last week I had a problem with my Google ads being flagged as “Adult Content”, which was a mistake by Google but they refused to give real answers as to why it was flagged “Adult”. In my post I mentioned that if I resubmitted the ad as it was, it would probably get approved and begin running again. Well….. that is exactly what happened and I am happy to say that someone at Google actually approved the ad, the way it should have been done last week! smily.jpg smily.jpg

Those donkeys can be very clueless and usless. So here is my tip if your ad doesnt get approved look at your website, your ad, and then talk to an AdWords Specialist Idiot. If you can’t get Google to fix your problem and you know it should be running on Google, then just resubmit the ad again. Simple but stupid. I’m sure I lost at least $1000 if not more because of one of my ads wasn’t running but that is life online with the “Big G”.smily.jpg

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