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Logging into my account AdWords account this morning and I see that I have 0 impressions. I then do a quick search on for some of the keywords that I pay for, they are not there. I get a little worried but at the same time I think it might be one of Google’s little glitches. I then contact an adwords specialist via AdWords online chat.

I explain to the person on the chat what is going on and I wait a few minutes as they are “checking into the problem”. Unsure of the what the problem is, the person then “escalates” it to the “AdWords technical department”. I wait 2 day to get a response back (still no traffic) and I get this lovely email.

Google’s email

“Thank you for your patience. It has come to our attention that your
Google AdWords account does not comply with our terms of service and
advertising policies. You have repeatedly submitted ads that violated our
Affiliate URL policies in a related account. As a result, this account has
been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google.

As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to
terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions,
please visit

We appreciate your cooperation.”

I almost had a heart attack, after I read this seriously. I have a family to feed and Google just turned off the waterfall of money. I admit it was my fault, but it was unintentional really. I never meant to break their rules, it’s just that their rules are so vague, they are seriously hard to interpret. They could at least have some suggestions on how I could fix my landing page so I wouldn’t be violating their terms. Their only suggestion was that I direct link to the affiliate company, basically scrap my landing page all together. Is that a good idea, I don’t think since it limits my ability to control how the user interacts with the page. Basically my landing page was designed to convert with a big “click here” button, with some basic information about the site in bullet points,  something they don’t like as it is an “affiliate bridge page” in their eyes. It’s tough to make AdWords happy and at the same time have a profitable campaign going, that converts into buyers.

I emailed back stating I was truly sorry and it would never ever happen again.

This is their response

“As mentioned in our previous email, your Google AdWords accounts have been
suspended due to multiple policy disapprovals. We are unable to revoke
your account suspensions, and we will not accept advertisements from you
in the future.

Please note that our support team is unable to help you with this issue,
and we ask that you do not contact them about this matter. If you need
more information about our content policy guidelines, please visit”

I then called then and pleaded my case, still no go. The AdWords specialists decision is final… ( like a judgement from God). I cannot do anything, I am banned from Google for life, FOREVER. I explained that I was truly sorry and also explained I spend roughly $45,000 per month with them on advertising, no go. $45,000 x 12 months=$540,000 per year that they are saying goodbye to. I am truly in shock that they would let that amount of money disappear, for such silly “violations”.I got kicked to the curb, and I was completely shocked as you might imagine.

Google is my business without it I have nothing. This to me is like life and death, honestly. It’s how I support my family and how I planned on retiring.

So Now What?

Well I started researching online for “banned by AdWords”, “suspended by by AdWords”, “AdWords suspension” and so on. It seems like Google AdWords teams like to ban people very frequently and easily. For the time being I am relaxing and remaining calm. I am still in shock as to how they treated me, I wasn’t trying to advertise porn, it wasn’t gambling. I made the mistake of not designing my affiliate landing page properly (which they call a “bridge page”). I didn’t realize how to create the right design for an affiliate landing page so as to not break Google’s golden rules. I was wrong I admit it, but do they need to ban me forever for advertising for such small mistakes. Even criminals get second chances. We are human and we make mistakes, don’t you Google??? Have compassion for people, it would do you a world of good.

In any case it’s their company they can do whatever they like. I would love to know what amount of advertising income is derived from people like myself, affiliate marketers? They hate us, but how much money do we make Google AdWords? I would love to know………

I did find numerous posts from people wondering if they can create a new AdWords account. Apparently this is a difficult task to do, to say the least. In order to create a new Google AdWords account from what I have read you need to do the following:

  1. New business name
  2. New address
  3. New name.
  4. New credit card
  5. New websites
  6. New computer
  7. New IP address

That is an insane amount to do for being banned from AdWords, to get back in. I guess it would be worth it to do, but seriously I’m too stressed to even bother. Maybe I’ll get my real estate liscense and forget AdWords and their Nazi attitude. It’s amazing how poorly they treat people., but what comes around goes around. No one can stay on top forever, especially if you bit the hand that feeds you…..

13 thoughts on “Suspended From Google AdWords

  1. brendan

    I’ve been reading this site for a while, and really feel for you on this. I was thinking, if you’re serious about leaving the game but will need to keep earning for a while and don’t want to jump through all those hoops you just listed, I have an adwords account with no red flags on it and I’ve been looking for a ppc coach. I also live in east van. If you catch my drift and are interested, you’ve got my email.



  2. admin Post author

    Hey Brendan,

    Thanks for your support and your offer. At the moment I just going work on some other projects. If I need a new AdWords account I will contact you , but for now I going to clear my mind and move on. Thanks for the offer though, I do appreciate it.

  3. Robert

    First I was banned from Google Checkout without reason, then when I complained at Google Adwords that I was going to reduce my spending on account of it they banned me there also, again without reason. They said for “security reasons” they could not disclose the reason. You just have to take my word for it, but I run an honest good business. A business with a near global monopoly should not be able to act in such an arbitrary manner. I would suggest a class action suit.

  4. admin Post author

    It’s pretty devastating to businesses to be suspended from the #1 source of online traffic, Google. I know how you feel trust me. A class action suit, not a bad idea but would it stick?

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  6. Kevin

    I was also banned for something without warning. They don’t even tell you its suspended. They make you have to find out the hard way. The worst part about it, I work for a online marketing company and they tied my account to all of our clients and banned them as well. We were probably doing near $500k a month of spending with Adwords alone. Now we are basically out of business and our Google rep won’t even respond to us. Google doesn’t give a shit about anyone. We are filing a large lawsuit but they have the legal systems pockets full, so it’s going to be a uphill battle.

  7. admin Post author

    Hey Kevin:

    Yes, they give you no advanced notice. You logon to your AdWords account and you have no impressions. Sad how online businesses such as Google have no compassion at all. They give you no warning and no chances. One strike and you’re gone. I would love to know how your lawsuit goes, please keep me informed.

    And you spent $500,000 per month?! I find it odd than any company would turn their back on such a long amount of cash coming in. I don’t understand how they operate, very confusing. I understand how you feel, I was spending roughly 50k per month, nothing compared to what you spend.

    I really don’t understand Google’s arrogance, it’s beyond me …….

  8. Sohan

    Hey, how’s the law suit going? I recently got this bullshit too, even after jumping through the hoops.

    The company is a joke.

  9. admin Post author

    Hello Sohan,
    Im not filing the law suit againt Google AdWords, one of my readers is (Kevin). But going to court over this seems almost pointless, even though I completely agree with you. Google must have fulltime lawyers and I am sure they have many, many lawsuits against them at any one time. I hope you can get some type of action against them though, would be nice to see some justice over AdWords suspensions.

    Personally I think Google should give you like a 1 month suspension if you make a mistake, then let you back in. Banning people 100% forever is pretty damn harsh if you ask me.

  10. Rich

    Happened to run across some relevant posts on Amit Mehta’s Blog after reading your post here and HIGHLY recommend everyone to read them…


    Is your income dependent on Google Adwords?

    Because if it is, you need to start thinking about how you can diversify your income ASAP.

    In general, it’s dangerous to have your income all coming from ONE source. If that one source is Google, you’re flat out playing with fire.

    If you’re just doing ppc affiliate marketing then the best way to diversify is to transfer your campaigns to Yahoo and MSN ASAP. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, well, the right time is NOW.


  11. kris

    Oh well, i have the same problem as all of you do. Here’s my question: To create a new adwords account I know I have to have new creditcard, name, business name, IP, but…can I just have a new URL but the website content is the same? Or wld they still find out? i cant let go of google, sad to admit, but they’re the best PPC.

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