Struggle In Vancouver Or Retire In Las Vegas?

Since I have already posted about virtual real estate online , let me show you prices of real estate in Las Vegas compared to “Rain City” (Vancouver).  Both cities have a population  between 1.5 – 2 million people. Weather is night and day. Today in Vancouver it’s 17°C and Las Vegas clocks in at 35°C. So they are twice as hot as us.

In the reverse aspect we are double the price of real estate in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at Craigslist and compare…

Las Vegas home built in 2006, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms selling price? $139,000! Try and buy the same place in Vancouver and expect to pay $750,000. Las Vegas has some amazing deals right now because of the drop in real estate prices. You can barely even buy a used condo in Abbotsford for $135,000. Where woud you rather live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Abbotsford or a 2 year old house in Las Vegas?

Personally I am little scared to buy out of town just because of what happened to me in Winnipeg. That being said I may call Ozzie Jurock’s office as he is offering condos in Las Vegas along with property managers in place to take care of everything for you. Ozzie is a real estate genius and everything he touches turns to gold. If HE is buying there the you know it’s worth a closer look, sometimes he writes about different areas but if he isn’t buying a place there himself then I wouldn’t either. Winnipeg he has talked about , but he hasn’t bought there. That was my mistake, I bought there. When he recommended Prince George, he bought 17 townhouses himself and sold them for a profit. I bought 2 and sold them for a profit. I have learned this, it’s smarter to follow what people DO, not what they SAY. Actions speak louder than words..

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