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Investing In The USA Seminar With Ozzie Jurock Happens Today

Today is the LandRush USA Real Estate seminar, yes I will be attending. It’s a 9 am – 3pm full day deal. It’s worth spending my Saturday to get the RIGHT information for investing in the USA real estate market, and probably geared towards housing markets like Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am sure I will come away from the seminar with more information. I have seen his predictions in the past and real estate areas he mentioned to buy long before people thought about it. Some of the places, include Yaletown condos in 1999 (going for $100,000 brand new), Burnaby and Coquitlam condos in early 2000 (going for $50,000!!!). Back then I wasn’t isn’t the same financial position I am now, but if I would have bought 5 or 6 Burnaby condos I could be making another $5,000 in gross rents. You have to love the power of passive income, it’s truly amazing.

Anywho since I am on Ozzie Jurocks email list I got this in my email last week:

“There are some 50 condominiums, under 10 years old, fully renovated and there will be vendor financing provided as well. The complex is located next to one of the best golf courses in Phoenix, and – we believe that the price point is excellent!! (Approximately $140,000 for a 2 BR suite).”

I will be attending his presentation on this opportunity next week. Personally I think now is the right time to invest in the U.S.A., and I plan to invest there.

Off I go to LandRush USA…..

Struggle In Vancouver Or Retire In Las Vegas?

Since I have already posted about virtual real estate online , let me show you prices of real estate in Las Vegas compared to “Rain City” (Vancouver).  Both cities have a population  between 1.5 – 2 million people. Weather is night and day. Today in Vancouver it’s 17°C and Las Vegas clocks in at 35°C. So they are twice as hot as us.

In the reverse aspect we are double the price of real estate in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at Craigslist and compare…

Las Vegas home built in 2006, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms selling price? $139,000! Try and buy the same place in Vancouver and expect to pay $750,000. Las Vegas has some amazing deals right now because of the drop in real estate prices. You can barely even buy a used condo in Abbotsford for $135,000. Where woud you rather live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Abbotsford or a 2 year old house in Las Vegas?

Personally I am little scared to buy out of town just because of what happened to me in Winnipeg. That being said I may call Ozzie Jurock’s office as he is offering condos in Las Vegas along with property managers in place to take care of everything for you. Ozzie is a real estate genius and everything he touches turns to gold. If HE is buying there the you know it’s worth a closer look, sometimes he writes about different areas but if he isn’t buying a place there himself then I wouldn’t either. Winnipeg he has talked about , but he hasn’t bought there. That was my mistake, I bought there. When he recommended Prince George, he bought 17 townhouses himself and sold them for a profit. I bought 2 and sold them for a profit. I have learned this, it’s smarter to follow what people DO, not what they SAY. Actions speak louder than words..

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