Temperature Manipulation For Profit

Holy sh*t, this coffee shop is blazing hot. One day it’s smoking hot, the next day the air conditioning makes it soo cold that icicles form on my eyebrows.  I talked to Habib (the owner)and he just laughs? Maybe he doesn’t understand what I am saying? It’s damn Hot in here Habib!!

I was thinking that maybe there is a method to this madness. One day he wants to sell cold drinks so he blasts the heat, then he runs out of cold drinks and wants to sell mad amounts of coffee so he cranks the hell out of the air conditioning. Not a bad idea right? Right now I’m sweating, tomorrow I’ll bring my sweater. Even Mr. Colsone (the dude in front of me at the coffee shop) has been b*tching about the fluctuation in temperature.

Ooops tomorrow is Saturday, no worky worky tomorrow. I will be back on Monday and the game will start all over again. Oh the joys of using free wireless internet from a coffee shop. I had to buy a San Pellegrino Limonata to cool off. This is almost as bad as the gas giants raising prices to insane levels. The consumer is forced to adapt once again. Or MAYBE I should stop bitching and go find another place to steal wireless internet from, the cheap weasel that I am….

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