Robson Steet In Downtown Vancouver

I’m not quite sure what’s so fun about snappingĀ  photos of people when they don’t expect it but it’s neat. I guess you get more natural expressions when people aren’t fake smiling and all that B.S. Rob put me on to snapping pics of random people doing everyday stuff. I was in downtown Vancouver on Robson StreetĀ  and I took a bunch of random shots, lots came out blurry but some didn’t and the results are below.
What the hell it’s free entertainment right? I take photos while my wife spends my money on Robson Street, haha.. Just kidding wifey!
Robson street VancouverRobson street crowd
Robson street Vancouver

busy, busy on Robson Street

Bada beep, bada bop, bada boop, that’s all for now folks……. 8:24 Pm Thursday night

2 thoughts on “Robson Steet In Downtown Vancouver

  1. admin Post author

    Yep Robson Street in downtown Vancouver has alot of “population”, especially on the weekend. I guess you miss Vancouver a wee bit, do you?

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