Taking The Day Off To Enjoy The Life I Have

Sometimes I get too caught up in “making money” that I forget how it would be if it all stopped it. Yesterday it seemed like that almost was going to happen, but thank God it didn’t. I promised myself if the situation fixed itself I would be taking a day off today to spend with the family. I had thought of going somewhere, but I’m not to sure where that would be.

A few Ideas I had:

  1. Take the family to the Vancouver Aquarium.
  2. Take my kids wife and my own parents out for dinner and a nice walk before down at Granville Island.
  3. Pay for everyone’s trip to Mexico, I would do that and have planned on that for a while. That isn’t something I can do tomorrow though, lol.

When big events happen that can change your life for the worse you become pretty damn grateful for what you have. I have always felt lucky and generally grateful for everything that has come my way. Events like this just put everything in perspective even more so. Now I can breathe easy and take the day and enjoy myself without biting my nails like yesterday. It’s only 6:51 am but I couldn’t sleep anymore, time for a nice cappuccino and then figure out exactly what we are going to do today.

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