My Ghetto Tenant Refuses To Leave, Crazy B*tch

I’m still waiting for 1 tenant in my almost sold 4plex in Winnipeg to get the f*ck out! It’s insane how many rights tenants have, compared to landlords. This person hasn’t paid rent in over 2 months so my property manager tried to kick her out, and when he tried to kick her out she called 911 and the Winnipeg police department has now placed a restraining order against him. How f*ucked up is that? The place is sold, I am just waiting for that b*tch to leave. Luckily the new owner is waiting patiently, while this gets resolved.

Next week my property manager and the ghetto tenant are going to rental arbitration, they will both state their case. Once they state their case, she will be out on her ass, for failure to pay rent. In the meantime she is costing me more money. I have to pay for arbitration and I may have to get the Sheriff department to physically remove her from the 4 plex.

That 4plex has been a nightmare right down to the last f*cking minute. But I still love real estate, go figure, lol. I still plan on buying condos this year, as soon as the check is in my hand from the sale of the Winnipeg 4plex¬† then I will start looking here in Vancouver. You live and learn right? At least I take chances in life, it was a mistake but I learned from it and that’s the main thing. Bada Bing!

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  2. derrin

    I read your comments about Winnipeg. Interesting.. as I have rental property there. Not quite as deep into the north end as you were. Any chance that you would let me know who your mgmt co. was? I was just interested as you seem to have been less than happy with their service.
    A piece of advice that you may want to heed in your future is to stay away from multi unit investments. These require hands on mgmt and have many personalities. I have owned two rental properties and have avoided the multi units or 3 bedroom units as you have too many tenants steering the ship and usually one of them is a pain in the butt. That’s my experience.
    Cheers and best of luck with your future properties.

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Derrin,

    Thanks for commenting. The property management company I dealt with in Winnipeg was Lead Property Management. I sold both rental properties in Winnipeg and I don’t plan on purchasing anymore in that city. Winnipeg left a bad taste in my moth as you can understand.

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  5. admin Post author

    I am not sure, as I sold all my places in Winnipeg. All I know is that Lead Property was hard to get a hold of for months, then they hired someone to help with the phone calls. I can’t say many good things about Lead Property, and I don’t know of nay others as I don’t like in Winnipeg.

    Here is a list of property managers in Winnipeg:

  6. homeowner

    thanks for the feedback on lead and the list of property managers. best of luck in your next endeavours!

  7. admin Post author

    You’re very welcome. Be careful with who you chose, property management companies can make you or break you… Good luck!

  8. Mathew

    I am the one who purchased 572/574 Magnus. I spent my money prudently getting it back in shape. It is fully rented now with responsible working class tenants which makes a huge differnce. It is the nicest property on the block and (touch wood) no vandalism or any other problems of that sort. I am a professonal engineer managing 16 rental properties (I own) with zero failure rate. If anyone needs a reliable property manager, contact me by leaving a message here.

  9. admin Post author

    Hello Mathew,
    I am glad you got that place running smoothly, my property management company Lead Property had one excuse after another. For me it was a COMPLETE nightmare. I hated relying on property managers to run my revenue properties for me. I have 4 properties in Vancouver with no problems like the hell I went through with Lead Property. Either they are scammers or just lazy to find the right tenants, maybe both? Or I just have really bad luck.The end results, is I lost $50,000 from my properties in Winnipeg. I will only purchase properties in the Vancouver area and manage them myself. It sure isn’t rocket science to manage a property. I have no clue why Winnipeg was a nightmare for me. But whatever I have moved on and learned from that “experience”.


  10. Mathew

    Hi C.V.
    I think you got it right this time. It is pretty difficult to own rental properties so far away. It is a very smart move on your part to own property in the city you live in. I do the same. As you mentioned, it is not rocket science to manage property. Key to succees is upgraded electrical, plumbing and appliances plus well screened tenants. Then all what you got to do is to colect rents and pay bills. I wish you all the best with the new business strategy and I am confident you will succeed. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    – Mathew

  11. CARLOS

    I know all about those people at Lead prop mgmt in winnipeg. You are right, they are real scamers. I can not tell about all the bad stuff they are into as I would half to wear armour. Lets just say the owner is sorta a soprano only no class. fat slob.

  12. CV Post author

    They were a fucking nightmare! Every week I had some problem that I needed to dish out money for. Lead Property Management in Winnipeg is a nightmare, stay away from them, as far as you can!
    I can’t prove anything but I don’t trust them at all. I lost $1,000s of dollars and I know they a the reason. Find anyone else besides Lead Property Mgmnt!

  13. silent poster

    I work for a property management company here in winnipeg, that took over some lead properties,and one of my jobs was to do a basic inspection of a lead property, they installed new support posts in a basement, that fell over, all 3 of them. Note,if any property owners in winnipeg, want inspections/ and or other basic services including surveillance, collection of mail, walk shoveled if house is vacant, etc, let me know, i can do it if you can’t

  14. Angel

    I’m an independant contractor from Vancouver. Recently a new resident of Winnipeg working with a property management company whom I’ve observed to work with integrity. If anyone has rental property in Winnipeg and are looking to have it managed can contact me and I can facilitate a meeting with them.

  15. Local Contractor

    sorry to hear about your experiences with Winnipeg. I started working with Lead properties back in approx 2006 or 07.
    I can even remember working in that same duplex til about 3 in the morning drywalling and taping to reach fire codes. After realizing that that company was misleading and fraudful towards its clients and employees, I quickly jumped ship and started on my own. Since then i have come across a very good property manager in Winnipeg.
    As well as I am looking into becoming one myself, as almost all of my experience comes from rental properties
    I think Winnipeg can be very profitable if you have the right people looking after your investment
    If you ever do reconsider to invest again in Winnipeg I could help you and steer you in the right direction to maximize your profits.

  16. Donovan

    LEAD stole $14,800 dollars from me in skimmed rents and false payments between March 2011 to September 2011. I am taking them to small claims court but can’t find an officer to serve papers to. Anyone know the whereabouts of Sharon Conway or Ray Rybychuk, officers of the company?

  17. Jim

    I’ve a place in San Rafael California. It used to be an office building. It now has 3 rental apartments in the upper story. I notified the property manager that the stove thermostat is not working and that the oven starter doesn’t work how it is supposed to.
    We made a deal that she would replace the stove with a new one and she hasn’t done it. It has been like 4 years or so now. Also, on the day before Christmas, my apartment smelled like gas so I called PG&E. PG&E came and shut off my furnace due to unsafe they said and to tell the landlord (property manager) so they would get the leak fixed so I’d have heat. I haven’t had heat from the furnace and they did not get it fixed. I bought a little space heater and I figure it is probably saving energy anyway since the furnace was too huge for just my place and was designed for when the place was three units. It was the furnace for all three offices.
    Now, I just figure the lady must have problems and does not no how to commonly relate to people or something. I mean, what a dumbell. But I think it is not worth it to pursue really, but it sure would be nice is people like landlords and property managers were more responsive and kept their word.

  18. Jim

    Oh and by the way. This website seems like even though it says it won’t publish your email address, it seems like it will…but…it doesn’t.

  19. Reynaldo

    I think that the way landlord tenant law was set up, that the authors were trying to keep it so that things don’t get too cozy and warm between the tenant and the landlord since historically, landlords seem to have abused this particular area of things. The movie, psycho is an extreme fictional example.

    It’s imbued in the law.

  20. Fiona

    I have a tenant who has moved out and is mad that I am keeping his DD for last month’s rent so now he’s saying he’s going to evict the people who are living there now because i have no written proof that he is no longer the tenant. He moved out, he gave me his key and he cancelled the utilities….

    I’m just worried he’ll harass the tenants.

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