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My Ghetto Tenant Refuses To Leave, Crazy B*tch

I’m still waiting for 1 tenant in my almost sold 4plex in Winnipeg to get the f*ck out! It’s insane how many rights tenants have, compared to landlords. This person hasn’t paid rent in over 2 months so my property manager tried to kick her out, and when he tried to kick her out she called 911 and the Winnipeg police department has now placed a restraining order against him. How f*ucked up is that? The place is sold, I am just waiting for that b*tch to leave. Luckily the new owner is waiting patiently, while this gets resolved.

Next week my property manager and the ghetto tenant are going to rental arbitration, they will both state their case. Once they state their case, she will be out on her ass, for failure to pay rent. In the meantime she is costing me more money. I have to pay for arbitration and I may have to get the Sheriff department to physically remove her from the 4 plex.

That 4plex has been a nightmare right down to the last f*cking minute. But I still love real estate, go figure, lol. I still plan on buying condos this year, as soon as the check is in my hand from the sale of the Winnipeg 4plex¬† then I will start looking here in Vancouver. You live and learn right? At least I take chances in life, it was a mistake but I learned from it and that’s the main thing. Bada Bing!