January 10 2009 – Back To Snowing In Vancouver

Just when you think the snow is gone, boom it comes right back.  The worst part is wifey is out with the SUV at MetroTown get streaks in her hair. She hates driving in the snow, hopefully the snow isn’t sticking up there (MetroTown)  like it is here in East Vancouver at the moment.

I’m at home babysitting the kiddies (they’re sleeping ATM) and I figured that I might as well  try out the Canon SD 750’s  video feature and film the snow coming down. I know it’s boring but it’s better than filming my ugly mug, haha. I uploaded the Vancouver snow video to YouTube and boom I am set, watch out Steven SpielBerg! It’s actually the same as downloading pics to my computer, just now I’m downloading videos from the Canon on to my desktop then uploading to YouTube.

I actually thought of a good use for the videos. I can start filming the condos I buy so tenants can see everything on video even before they come down and look at the place in person. Seems like a good idea, it’s free technology so you might as well use it right? Anyways this was just really a little test, woo hoo it worked!

I don’t really YouTube video qulaity, they compress it too much and it looks like hell all pixelated and blurry. I may have to try Vimeo.com, much clearer video quality, I don’t YouTube’s video compression….

That’s all for now, Happy snowing, NOT…………..


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