I Love My Espresso Coffee, Thanks Saeco Via Veneto

Being Italian means that I need my daily fix of espresso cafe. My parents actually brought me back a Saeco Via Veneto straight from my hometown in Italy. Unfortunately I tried to clean my Saeco Via Veneto espresso machine by using vinegar! Using vinegar on this espresso machine, is a HUGE no, no! By using vinegar I actually killed my machine. It is dead, and would have cost more to fix, that to buy a new machine it. I read the instruction manual on how to clean the machine after I fucked up the machine. That was 3 weeks ago…

Do not use vinegar in your espresso machine!!

Finally I picked up a new espresso machine, the same brand and model (Saeco Via Veneto) from of all places at Super Store.  Anyways I’m stoked on it. I love my espresso! Even though it’s way to hot to drink hot coffee at the moment, since the temperature in Vancouver is 26°C.

And what a hot f’n week it has been. I’m glad the 36°C weather is gone now.

sitting pretty on my counter top..

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