NYC Here I come

Another busy week, between working and the landlord management I need my vacation. Luckily for me I’m heading off to NYC to Affiliate Summit East. It’s really a vacation but it will be good to meet people in the industry that is such a big part of my life.  Hopefully I will come back with new friends, new tips and more ways to make millions online. The last time I was in NYC was just 1 month before September 11, 2001 attacks took place. Already been 8 years, geez.

I have my cousins wedding on Saturday night and the very same night at 11:30 I will be on a plane heading to the big apple. I arrive in NYC at about 10:00 am then off to the convention at 12:00 pm. I’m gonna be tired but this is some place I need to be. I have a feeling this is gonna make me big, big cash very soon. You never know where life will take you, so take the opportunities in front of you and use them to your benefit. Sitting on the sidelines is bullshit. I did that until I was 29 years old, no more.

Enjoy the pics:

rolling behind a blue  Lamborghini on Robson Street, Vancouver


WTF is this heep of shit? Smart Taxi?????? Toilet on wheels……..

Sunset at English Bay, Vancouver


It’s looks like hell, that’s why it’s sooo cool.

** My bedroom is right above the door to my tenants suite. She had 4 guys stay over in her basement suite for 3 days and every night they got drunk right underneath my bedroom, the joy I felt… They’re gone now but they left something for me to remember them by, until me or my tenant washes it off with water that is.  Don’t even get me started…………

My drunk female tenant and her 4 guy friends decided to chalk up the retaining walls on my house & it’s still there 2 days later, grrr. She’s 28 not 8 years old, go figure.

it’s a 69, yeah….. How sweet.

I love my life? Clean up the fucking mess, looks like Hastings Street YOU jackass! I will wash this down if it’s still there by the weekend, FUCK! Overall she’s a decent tenant, but my house is NOT THE GHETTO, for fuck sakes.

I’m out.

2 thoughts on “NYC Here I come

  1. hmog

    rofl I hear your tenant pain. Mine? June and July rents bounced and they attempted to steal 2 large fans I bought them when their ac unit went down (luckily I was home at the time and witnessed them loading my items into their car) Seriously.

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