How I got To This Point In My Life

Do you ever sit down and think how you go to where you are? I do and it’s interesting, at least to myself. I was thinking of how I got into doing internet marketing and the history may surprise you. As I mentioned in other blog posts I started doing graffiti and the age of 12 years old way back in 1982. Because of graffiti I met other kids in Vancouver doing the same thing. One fellow I met was Ephx in 1986 (he was called Rip 1 at the time 1986). Years passed he moved to New York, then San Francisco and then he did move back to Vancouver and I bumped into him in the late 1990’s, probably around early 1998. He was into computers for the past few years and he learned web design on his own.

Me, I was a cabinet maker and hated every f*cking minute of it. I started to think of going back to school for web design, which I did in October of 1999. I pinpoint Ephx as the reason I jumped into web design and computer graphics.

Fast forward to early 2000, when I bumped into an old high school friend Rob downtown on Smithe street. We exchange numbers and meet up sushi a week or so later. I was working as a web designer by this time and he was waiting tables, no big deal.

After that we don’t speak for about a year or so I believe. By this point Rob has also gotten into web design working for a local studio, but at the same time has his own freelance company called Padrone Media. Me, I get laid off and start applying to over 100 local web design companies and also applied to Padrone Media. I sent emails to any place that had a website basically. 2000 was the dot bomb era and it sucked bad, I was getting laid of every few months.

Anyways, a week or so later he calls and explains he’s doing web design, no big deal. I eventually found a job and we kept in contact. Then in January of 2003 he messages me on MSN showing me some site pulling $3600 a month. We both got into making informational sites that had Google AdSense on them, people click the ads and you make money . A few years later we both evolved and started buying traffic from Google, and affiliate marketing is where I am now.

I point my reasons for being where I am to 2 people Rob and Kevin. I did the work but by knowing those 2 people they influenced where I am right now. It’s always interesting to see the path that took you to where you are today.

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