Pre Approved For A Mortgage – Condo Shopping Very Soon

Well I finally got pre approved for a mortgage yesterday from Peter Kinch who specializes in investment mortgages. Now I am locked in at the current interest rate for 3 months while I go condo shopping. I am now waiting on my real estate agent Antonietta Santoro to return from Italy next week. When I find someone who I trust I stick with them, building relationships is important. Antonietta has helped me buy all the places I own here in Vancouver, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchases I made because of her.

I have been checking Craigslist’s real estate section to see what the prices are like and like I said in previous posts, I’m thinking a 2 bedroom for $190,000 to $220,000 is a good investment. And with the Canadian dollar dropping right down to 80 cents today my U.S. pay checks are getting bigger and bigger.

The funny thing is this when people talk “recession” I start to smile, why? Most people stop spending, stop buying houses and so on. This is good for me because then houses drop and there is way less bidding competition. I have always been one to go against the grain of society, hell I was doing graffiti for over 20 years. I sort of like to be the “outsider” in some ways. I’m not into following the crowd. I have always said that if you follow the crowd you get the same results as the crowd, thinking outside the box has proven beneficial to me over and over. Obviously I’m not like in all aspects of my life, but some areas I tend to stray away from what “most people do”.

Anyways it’s a nice crisp day here in East Vancouver, I would like to bike to the coffee shop this morning. I will see how my insides feel in a little while and take it from there.

Have a good one kids.



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