Bounced Rent Check, Uh Oh!

Not every day is all smiles, especially when the rent check bounces! That happened to me yesterday. i checked my mail from Vancity (my bank) and I see a returned check from my new renters in the Poco condo. This is where it sucks being a landlord, ugh. I hate dealing with this sh*t. This is a family with 2 young kids, that makes it even worse. Overall I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in reality you know rent is due on a certain so you should make sure you have the money in your f*cking account! That is the part of owning properties that always suck , dead beat tenants.  But I will say it again, being a land lord is better than having a real job, if you ask me…

I called the tenants and then I get a story of course. The wife hasn’t spoke to the husband and doesn’t know what’s going on. She will call back when she finds out, blah, blah, blah. So I get the call back and she will have the rent on Friday long story, short. We will see. If there isn’t any rent then I will give them the 5 day notice in writing. If they don’t pay within 5 days of that notice they are gone. I don’t have time for b*llsh*t. I might sound like an assh*le but after you deal with enough people giving you the run around, your warm side tends to evaporate. Most renters are pretty good people but I hate the long B.S stories, that amount to fresh air spewing out of their mouths. Pay up or F-OFF, plain and simple…

A check is a check, if your boss gave you the run around about why you couldn’t be paid this week how would you feel? Getting checks from people who rent from you is no different, they need to pay for the service I offer, which is a clean home to live in.

That’s enough for now. I feel like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company………. BLAH!

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