A Laptop Thief Gets Nabbed!

I never thought this would happen. I posted about laptops being stolen from the coffeeshop that I am using wireless Internet from. Well, the theif was so brilliant that he came today (2 days later) and was ready to try his hand at stealing more laptops. This IDIOT must be really dumb because he was videotaped stealing a laptop 2 days ago. Habib the owner watched the videotape, and I guess he remembered the guy as he walked through the door today. Good lookout Habib, he called the police, they took about 5minutes to get here and the bald assh*le junkie was arrested right away. Apparently the junkie was scoping out laptops as Habib was on the phone with the cops. The dude looks like a 45 year old science teacher, slim and balding and nerdy looking.

He will be easy to convict as he was caught on tape which has now been handed to the RCMP in Burnaby, good work!!!

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